Ministry Update 5/15/15

This week was super fun because it was Vacation Bible School. Anticipation had built among all the kids (and us workers) and the week proved to be great. A couple of months ago we had summer camp for the older kids so this was the big week for the kids age 7-12.
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The interesting thing about this VBS is where all the kids come from. Most of the kids are from extremely poor families and some of them live in very compromised homes without electricity or running water. Pastor Antonio Ner has always had a real burden for kids like that and he does a great job of including them in everything that happens at the church.
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My wife April put together all of the lessons for the week and although she was too sick to participate, the lessons were great and the teachers did a wonderful job. The lessons were about “Superheros for Christ”. The kids learned about the armor of God, The Good Samaritan and Joseph. We taught them who the true superhero’s are!

Barangay 16 

Last Saturday was our first day of ministry in our new meal center at Barangay 16. Everything went great and we had a good number of kids for the first day. I think we had over 50 kids that we served.
In the meal centers, we gather all the children who will come, sing songs with them and have a short lesson from the Bible. After all of that is complete, we serve them a hot meal. These weekly ministries are vital because it exposes the children to the gospel, gives them good nutrition and something to belong to.
April has felt too bad to leave the house on most days but she was able to make it for the first day of this new center. As usual, the kids gathered around her as she told them stories and talked to them. Both she and the kids loved it.
We always keep an eye out for children in the meal centers who are sick or need medical attention. We have helped dozens of children in the past four months who could not have been treated without our help. Last week there was a little boy at Barangay 16 who has a cyst on his arm. We bought him some vitamins that were prescribed to him so he can be well enough for the needed surgery.

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Please pray for this brand new ministry because it is located in an extremely poor barangay and the people need a lot of help.
Going home
Our family has been here in Bacolod City (Philippines) since the first week of January and we have absolutely loved it. At times it has been very difficult but God has blessed the entire time.
But our time here is quickly drawing to a close. We will be going home in two weeks. The good news is that our ministry is growing and will continue each week after we are gone. I will give you an update on some of those specifics in the next week so that you will know how it runs without us here all the time.
Thank you
We appreciate each of you who have given toward this great ministry with such generosity. I will be spending a lot of time this fall doing my best to raise the additional funds that are needed for the ministry here and our plans for land and buildings in the future.
Thanks again for your prayer and support!
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