Ministry Update 5/22/15

Well, the day that seemed like it would never come is finally upon us. Tomorrow our family will board an airplane here in Bacolod City, Philippines and begin our 9,000 mile journey back home to the United States.

We have mixed emotions. We have made some great friends here in the past five months. Friendships that I am certain will last a lifetime. It’s hard to leave our new friends and the daily work of the ministry we have labored in for so long but I am confident that this will be long lasting and successful.

We had a very good board meeting last week and we have done our best to clearly communicate one with another and set things in order. We have worked hard as a committed group of people who love God and are concerned about the needy people around us. We are all praying for the people that our ministry will help in the future.

We could not have done this alone

The individual people are too many to list so I won’t attempt that. But, I want to go on record saying that there is no way our family could have accomplished so much without the hard work and dedication of everyone who has helped us.

There have been pastors, pastors wives, young people, new staff members and lots of others who have worked with us and been a blessing to us in various ways. The Filipino Christians are some of the best in the world and I for one am grateful and thankful to each of them.

They have loved and accepted us and I’m sure that was not always an easy thing to do.

All packed up and ready to go

By now, our family is all packed up and ready to go. Packing for a long trip is a lot of work! I decided to leave my entire wardrobe of clothing here so that I won’t have to worry about packing clothes when I return. I’ll be able to use that luggage space to bring things we need for ministry.

The kids wanted to do the same but they are growing way too fast. They need to wear their clothes while they still can!

I will have to hit the thrift stores when I get home and re-supply my closet.

Please be in prayer for my wife April. She is worried about the more that 35 hour trip ahead of us. Sometimes the planes are hot and you cannot rest. Rest is one of the biggest things she needs with her sickness so we are praying that she will have a smooth trip and be able to sleep on the plane.

Our need for a new tricycle

Earlier in the week I mentioned that we need a new tricycle for our dump site ministry. This is a big need because the rainy season is coming and we need reliable transportation. here’s what one looks like:

File May 19, 6 45 06 PM

Please help us pray for the Lord’s provision of a new tricycle soon.

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Rest and doctors

We plan to rest a little when we get home next week. The jet-lag usually takes a couple of days to get rid of so we will take it easy and simply enjoy being home.

We already have a doctors appointment set for April so please pray for that. We are a little nervous but ready for more answers.

Thanks so much for your support and prayers. We’ll see you soon!