Ministry Update 5/29/15

Our family has been back home in Alabama for almost a week now. Other than trying to pay for a drink with pesos and driving down the sidewalk a couple of times,I think we are adjusting pretty well.

After getting home and having some time to reflect on the last five months, all I can say is that God is good! There is no way to explain everything that has happened other than to say that God provided, God blessed and God did what we could not do.

I am thankful to be a small part of his BIG plan!

Carrying the torch

Maybe I have said this before, but the one thing that I am the most happy about is that God allowed us to begin a ministry in the Philippines that is ongoing. Things did not come to a screeching halt because we left.

We have five staff members, a secretary, a head of operations and our treasurer who are carrying the torch. Each of these are Filipinos who love God and love serving others. I have already received an update about their activities this week and they are doing well.

They left early on Wednesday morning to hit the streets and visit the street children but they had a flat tire on the tricycle and it took several hours to get it fixed because the tire shops weren’t open yet. By the time it was fixed, those precious morning hours were gone so they had to wait until Thursday morning.


There is a window from about 4:30 am-7:00 am where you can easily find the kids (and adults) who are sleeping on the streets. After 7 am, everyone blends in with the hustle and bustle of the big city and the people sleeping on the sidewalks disappear.

Finally, they were able to make their visits, serving meals to the hungry and vulnerable.

Helping people in the meal centers

Each week, we have 13 meal centers where we sere a hot meal, sing songs and teach a Bible lesson. It is primarily for the children but we also help the parents and often times, the parents get saved and join the church. We do this in partnership with Crossroad Community Baptist Church.

The meal centers are located within different communities so it puts us right there where the families live. The workers are trained to look for people each week in the meal centers who need medical attention or other kinds of help. This “extra attention” is a great way to not only be a tangible blessing, but it also gives us the ability form closer relationships which leads to disciple making.

This week some of our workers helped a man who was complaining of joint pain and they helped a little girl named Renalyn who had an infected wound in her foot and several sores on her legs.

I like to say that LOVE + ACTION = COMPASSION


Please continue to pray for our staff and volunteers as they work hard each week to share the gospel and bring much needed relief to these kids and their families.

Update on April Sharpe

As you know, we returned home from the Philippines a week early due to my wife April’s declining health. We had an appointment with a leading neurologist at UAB on June 8th, but there was a cancellation and we were able to go yesterday. It was a blessing to get that appointment and it just reaffirmed that we made the right decision to return a week earlier.

The appointment was routine and we didn’t get any more answers than we had before but they did draw blood and send it off for testing. This is the test that wasn’t available in the Philippines and we should know the results in 1-2 weeks.

I know that many of you have been praying for April and for that we are eternally grateful. I will keep you informed as we find out more.

Thank you

When we arrived home last Sunday, our friends and family were there to help. My secretary, Tara Philyaw, and her husband Shane, came to Atlanta to pick us up. April’s parents and sister met us there as well. It was great to see them all.

When we got home, we found our pantry and refrigerator fully stocked with groceries. Tara had done that the day before so we could concentrate on resting. She also went through the trouble of lining up six straight days of meals being brought to us by different families from our church. That has turned out to be a tremendous help and blessing.

There is a lot more that people have done to welcome us home and we are thankful for each and every gesture of kindness. I didn’t realize how much of a help it would be!

Thank you once again for your support and prayers for our family, our ministry and the people we are reaching. We absolutely could not carry on without your ongoing support.


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