Ministry Update 6/26/15

This has been a busy week for us here in the U.S. and also for our staff in the Philippines. I am excited to bring you this update and tell you all about what’s been going on.

Resource clinic is in full swing

We started on Wednesday of this week in Bristol, VA with our third annual resource clinic for the homeless. Usually these are one day events that are held on Saturdays but we decided to change it up a little bit this year. We have expanded and made it into a four day event with the resource clinic each day and revival services every evening.


It goes Wednesday through Saturday.

On our first day we saw 154 guests come through the doors. Then, on Thursday, 289 people showed up. We were amazed at how many people came on Thursday. Joel Wray and volunteers cooked and served 600 hot dogs on Thursday.

The best part was on Thursday when we were tearing down, a gentleman named Bert received Christ as his Savior. Brother Denny Mitchel had the privilege of praying with him.


We will be starting at 11 am today and the biggest day will be Saturday when we will be offering all of the resources including birth certificates and resumes’.

It’s a real blessing to help people up and encourage them in their time of need. That’s one thing I like about these events, we give a hand up and not just a hand out.

We need your help to bring the gospel to the forgotten people of America. You can donate to that cause here.

Clothing distribution in the Philippines

We are extremely thankful for our friends Mickey and Cookie Johnson and their ministry Project 61-3. They provided three boxes of brand new clothing and shipped it to our ministry in Bacolod City. (They help lots of other ministries as well.)

Pastor Ner and the staff received the boxes and began to distribute the clothing to the children at our meal centers this week. What a blessing to give new clothing to children who are in such great need. They were able to give clothes to all of the children at our dump site ministry and they absolutely loved their new clothes!


We are hoping to send several more boxes of these new clothes over real soon. The shipping is $110 per box and there is no weight limit. They actually fit 430 pieces of kids clothing in one of the boxes!

You can help ship clothes over by donating to our children’s ministry here.

The rain is coming

The rainy season is now upon us in the Philippines and that means many day-to-day things are much more complicated. I want to share two of those things with you here.

The first one is our dump site ministry. We have a very nice building that we built a few months ago so we can be dry for our weekly meal program. We are so thankful to have this nice building! But it is a real mess there in the dump with continual rainfall. The mud gets deep and the workers have to do the best they can.

We are still asking the Lord to provide a new vehicle for our staff to use during this time so that it will be a little easier for them. You can read all about that here.

The second way that ministry is challenging during the rainy season is that it complicates the Sunday church services. While my family was there this year our children and April worked hard to help build the children’s church every Sunday.

We serve a meal to the kids who come to church and they are in children’s church for two sold hours doing all kinds of fun games, songs, lessons (and I think anything else to occupy them!) The problem is that there is no building for them. The children’s church is done outside, beside the church building. So when it rains, they have to run for cover.


Please help us pray that the Lord would provide at least a temporary structure to hold the children’s church under during this time.

Several medical needs being met

Our staff has been helping several children and even a few adults with medical needs in the past two weeks. One boy named Francis had sores between his eyes and a girl named Rica had lots of sores on her legs. These are usually caused by bacteria infections due to dirty living conditions and these kids need our continual prayers for safety and provision.


We were also able to send some money to a town about an hour and a half away to assist with a little boy who has been sick for a few weeks with an unknown illness. He saw the doctor who ordered tests but the family was too poor to have them done. Prayerfully, he will now be able to get what he needs and regain his health.

Thank you

Once again, thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of so many people in such distress.