Ministry Update 7-21-17

As you probably already know, we landed down here in the Philippines last Friday. We were greeted with a warm welcome from our friends and church family. They always go out of their way to make us feel comfortable, loved and wanted. We appreciate them so much for that!


With our first week now under our belt, we are once again re-oriented and hard at work. I preached last Sunday morning at our partner church, Crossroad Community Baptist, and Sarah sang a special beforehand. There was a good crowd and it was really good to join them again.

April has been working to get our home up and running and also getting the kids school things in order so they will be ready to start in a couple more weeks. Alyssa has been working in the meal centers and helping in children’s church.

I was very blessed to find that our street ministry team has been working hard and consistently to help the street children and homeless families who live on the streets. They are continuing to visit three nights per week bringing meals and hope to so many people. On Tuesday, I was with them and we stopped to visit with some adults that were sleeping on the sidewalk. I struck up a conversation with one of the men and he wound up trusting the Lord as his personal Savior. He is 53 years old and has said that he will attend church with us this coming Sunday.
A few months ago, we started a new meal center about two hours away from our house in a place called Toboso. It is operated by Pastor Jezer and Graceway Community Baptist Church. Pastor Ner and I went to visit them on Saturday and had lunch with them before they headed out for the meal center program. They are doing a fantastic job and ministering to several dozen kids each week. Please pray that God would provide sponsors for this meal center so that we can continue to help the kids in Toboso. You can find out more about this meal center by clicking here. 
This week we mailed out three more of our children’s Sunday School lesson books to local pastors. These one year lesson books are extremely valuable to children’s ministries and we are happy to provide them free of charge to pastors here in the Philippines. We have also made this available as a free resource to download from our website so if you know of a church that could benefit from them please share our website with them. The link to download the lessons is

Thank you very much for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. We are honored to be your missionaries serving those in need. We can receive phone calls and text messages through our Magic Jack phone number as long as we have internet signal. Our number is 256-620-7561. We would love to hear from you! But remember, we are 12 hours ahead of EST so the best time to call or text would be early morning or late evening.

Prayer requests:
Please pray for sponsors for the meal center at Toboso
Pray for the gentleman who got saved on Tuesday
Pray for the children who sleep on the streets. They need a permanent loving home.
Pray for our family that we would accomplish our goals and make a difference here every day

Pray for April to remain strong and healthy