Ministry Update 8-10-18

These are exciting times! I’m convinced that there is no greater time to be serving the Lord than right now. Our world desperately needs to know about the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and we t Unsheltered International are committed to preaching the gospel and helping people along the way.

Throughout the year we will serve thousands of meals, provide thousands of dollars worth of goods and services and help many, many people. However, it’s not the goods and services that I’m most concerned about. My number one concern is that we are faithful to share the gospel so that the people we minister to have a lasting hope. Everything else is just stuff. It will all perish one day. But when we give our hearts to Christ we find a true gift that we can never lose.

So I want to thank you for helping us give practical help, but most of all eternal life. Here’s an update about what’s going on in our ministry.

Resource Clinic in Augusta, GA

Our resource clinic in Augusta, GA is quickly approaching. We will be partnering with Garden City Rescue Mission and many local churches to bring this much needed event to the Augusta area on Saturday August, 18th. We will have singing and preaching followed by a wonderful meal and then we will be offering all of our resources to those in need.

We will start early that morning and wrap things up around 4pm. If you would like to join us and volunteer, just respond to this email and I can give you more information. It will be held at Garden City Rescue Mission and the address is 828 Fenwick St. Augusta, GA.

Leaving for the Philippines

My daughter Sarah and I will be leaving on Monday August, 20th for a one month trip to the Philippines. While we are there we will be working in our street ministry, our meal center ministry and our rescue center ministry. I will also be visiting our church planters and preaching and teaching. We will be joined for several days by a mission team from Alabama and Georgia for some much needed evangelism and Bible distribution.

Please pray as we go. We need the Lord’s people to ask God for our strength, wisdom and boldness.

New warehouse completed and being used

Our new warehouse and office located in Cullman, AL is finally complete. The property was in bad shape when we leased it, but hard work has paid off and we now have a very good, multi-purpose facility. At this location we can park all of our resource clinic trailers for easy loading, collect donated items, ship items to our overseas ministries, help local people who are in need and so much more.

We have an office and workroom for projects and volunteers are already helping us sort clothes, pack boxes and prepare for our resource clinics. Special thanks to everyone who gave to make this facility possible. Come see us at 479 County Road 827 Cullman, AL 35057.

Text-to-Give now available

We have made it even easier for you to donate to our ministry by texting your gift. Simply text the word “give” to
256-579-1571 and follow the simple instructions. We could really use your gifts for the upcoming resource clinics and trip to the Philippines.

On a personal note

Our son Hunter is starting college this coming Monday. Please pray for courage and wisdom for him. This will be his first time in a classroom setting since the second grade so he is a little nervous. He’s taking business management at our local community college and he plans to go to Bible College next.

Thanks so much for reading and praying and giving to the Lord’s work!


Travis Sharpe