Ministry Update 8-12-16

Hello everyone,

Our family has been super busy for the last month or so and we are just now catching our breath. We were blessed to be able to purchase some land for our family here in Cullman, AL so we have spent the past several weeks moving.

We finally have almost everything in place and back together now. If you have moved recently then you know what I am talking about, it’s a lot of work! Our new place is in the country and very beautiful. We even have a couple of small pastures on the property and one of our friends is keeping a few cows there.


We are extremely thankful to a very special family that allowed us to live on their property, free of charge, for the past five years. They were extremely generous to us and that generosity positioned us to be able to now have a nice place of our own to call home.

April and the kids are happy to have the new place. Sarah really likes the cows and she has grown very fond of Grizzly, a young calf that has to be bottle fed.


It looks like we got moved in just in time

We will be leaving for the Philippines on Sunday August, 21. We will spend the night in Atlanta and fly out on the morning of the 22nd. We are all very excited to return to our overseas ministry and where we can plow ahead with our three-phase plan to build a safe home, an orphanage, and a livelihood program. Please pray for safe travels as we depart and also for great wisdom as we do our very best to follow the Lord.

Only two weeks after we arrive we will be hosting a mission team fro the U.S.. Brother Shawn Doss with Hope Missions is bringing the team and I know it will be a great week for all of us. He already has a week planned for next September so if you are interested in coming to work with us, please check out the plans here.

Since school is just now starting back here in the U.S., I thought I would share this picture with you. 


This grandmother is doing her best to care for her five grandchildren. That means collecting scrap out in the streets most evenings. Our team found them on the streets a few weeks ago and they have been helping them as best they can with food and other items. Sister Liza reported to me that one night, while out on the streets, the two older girls were doing their homework right there on the sidewalk.

Can you imagine your child trying to concentrate and do homework on a dirty city sidewalk while you were in the gutters collecting aluminum cans to sell for food money? Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence for all too many children in the Philippines. Thankfully, God has allowed our ministry to be there to offer help and hope. Please pray for this family.

Our contact information

Our new home mailing address is:

180 Co. Rd. 848
Logan, AL 35098

Please note that as our HOME address. The Unsheltered International and BMFP addresses have NOT changed.

How to contact us in the Philippines

There are three ways to contact us while we are in the Philippines for the next 6 months.


Phone: 256- 620-7561 This is a free call from the U.S. and it is hosted through Magic Jack. With this number you can call me directly on my cell phone! The only catch is that I will have to be connected to the internet when you call and we are not always at home to have internet. The best hours to call will probably be between 6-9 pm (EST) or between 6-9 am (EST). We are 12 hours ahead of EST.

Facebook Messeger: You can also message us on Facebook.

I hope to hear from you from time to time so if you need us just give us a shout! Thanks so much for your prayers and support.