Ministry Update 8-21-20

The Lord sure has been blessing in the past week or so. On Monday evening, we had a special conference call with our board of directors about the dream of building a tiny-home village here in Cullman, AL. There is not a place for homeless men or families to go in this county. The closest place is thirty miles away.

What came out of that meeting was great because we were finally able to free up room in our yearly budget to get the tiny-home project started. We were able to allocate a little over $12,000 to establish a land fund. Then, on Thursday afternoon, a generous donor gave us another $6,000. That puts our total to just over $18,000.

We have also identified a 17 acre tract of land that we decided to pursue for the project. I had looked at this same land a few months ago, but it was part of a bigger piece of property and the owners were unwilling to separate it. Now however, they have decided to sell this portion by itself. The price for the land is $60,000. That puts us only $42,000 away from making the purchase. Of course, there may be other fees associated with the purchase such as closing costs, perc tests, and so on. But we are closer than we have ever been.

Here’s how I would like you to pray. I’d like to make an offer on this property in the next few days so it doesn’t slip away from us. It’s our desire to pay cash and not have to finance anything. Please pray for wisdom in this and also for God’s quick provision. After we do make an offer and give them some earnest money, we will only have a few short days to raise the remaining $42,000.

I believe whole-heartedly that God, through his people, will supply for this need as He sees necessary. Help us pray that if this is God’s will, the door will be opened to us and that no man can shut it!

We have a single mother in a hotel right now whom we have been helping for two months now. Every place she has tried to rent has fallen through. There’s simply a shortage of affordable housing so we have been keeping her in a cheap motel. She works two jobs and even with that effort, is hitting wall after wall. The village would be a tremendous blessing for someone like her because it would be a quiet, peaceful place to call home while she was in this transition period. In the mean time, please pray for doors to open for her to get out of the motel.

To see the complete Tiny Home Village plan visit the web page here.

To make a donation towards this project click here.

Thanks so much for praying and helping us with this important project!