Ministry Update 8-31-18 by Travis Sharpe

Here in the Philippines

Sarah and I are now in our second week of our one month stay and we are so happy to be here with our friends and ministry family. As always, ministry here is very busy and there are heartbreaking encounters almost weekly. Last night, while out on the street ministry, we came across a baby girl named Desiree. She sleeps on the streets with her family and her mother showed us a pretty severe boil on her neck.

Although these type of problems are common here, I was still shocked when I first saw it. Here was this precious little girl who lives is such dismal conditions and she had this awful infection that obviously caused her much pain. Our team is in the process of getting her medical treatment but even that is not always easy. For example, the constant rain today has caused this family to seek shelter in another area and without a phone, they are hard to find. Please help us pray that we are able to get her the treatment that she desperately needs.

Another young man had some serious sores on his feet which sister Lovely was quick to treat by cleaning and applying peroxide and triple antibiotic ointment. Besides the fact that treatments like this really help, it also shows the children that we really care about them.

Rescue Center

Tonight we have our Friday night rescue center ministry where we bring children and adults from the streets to our rescue center so they can bathe, eat and enjoy preaching and worship. This is a very unique ministry because of the many different people who attend. Last week there were people who are involved in prostitution, transgender lifestyles, drug addiction and more. Through this ministry our Filipino team is getting the gospel into some very dark places where Satan truly has people bound in sin. We believe that the gospel is their only hope so we reach out in love on a weekly basis.

Next week

We have a mission team of twelve people from Alabama and Georgia who will join us next week. We will be working in our various ministries as well as distributing Bibles and holding evangelistic crusades. Please pray for the safe travel of this team and for the Lord to bless their efforts with many souls saved.

Coming up

Our resource clinic team will be in Greenville, TN on September 15th to conduct our sixth event for 2018. We are partnering with Eastside Baptist Church and Pastor David Foxx to bring help and hope to their community. Brother Denny Mitchell and brother Steve Dixon are leading this clinic and our team is excited to serve the Greenville, TN area for the very first time. Please pray for a great event and for people to receive the Lord as a result. For more information about this, email Denny at

Lots of work being done at Unsheltered warehouse

Each Tuesday from 8am-12pm a group of volunteers gather at our warehouse in Cullman, AL to work sorting clothes, packing boxes and whatever else needs to be done. Melvin and Vonda Hunter are leading this effort and doing a great job. If you want to know more about helping, call Melvin Hunter at 256-565-1810. They need weekly help and you would be an answer to prayer!

We are also accepting donations of clothing, shoes, blankets, toiletry items, etc. These items can be dropped off anytime by using our drop box on the front of the building. The address is 479 CR 827 Cullman, AL.

Current needs

Right now the biggest need in the US ministry is funding for the last two resource clinics of this year. (Greenville, TN and New Orleans) The total need is about $7000. Donate online here.

The most pressing need in the Philippines ministry is help with our Friday night rescue center ministry. It currently cost about $100 per week to provide the meal, clothing, medicine and transportation that we provide. Donate online here.

Donate by text message

You can also donate to our ministry via text. Text “give” to 256-579-1571 and follow the simple instructions when you get the reply message. It is very quick and easy! You can even save your information so that the next time you text a donation it is even faster.

2019 mission trip opportunities

February 2-7 2019 Winter Revival for the Unsheltered in New Orleans. Space is limited for this trip so you need to sign up early. Click here for all the details.

April 2019 Pastor Todd Crusenberry will be leading a medical mission team to Dapitan City in the Philippines. We need a doctor and some nurses as well as general participants. This will be a great trip led by a seasoned pastor who has led many trips to the Philippines in the past. More information coming soon.