Ministry Update 9-11-15

I am really excited to be traveling to Cincinnati, Ohio tomorrow to get to know Pastor Kirk Kirkland and the folks at Revive Baptist Church. I was introduced to them through a mutual friend and we will meet in person for the first time this weekend.

Revive is a new church that Pastor Kirk and his wife started in 2013. He told me that ministering to the homeless has always been a part of their church’s DNA because when they began, they were located in an area where many people who were experiencing homelessness lived and therefore, they naturally ministered to them.

Our mutual friend told Pastor Kirk about our resource clinic ministry and he was immediately interested in the possibility of holding one there in their area. I will spend Saturday and Sunday with them and we will get to know one another and discuss ministry together and how they can better reach the homeless population of Cincinnati.

As you can imagine, I absolutely love these kind of opportunities. One of my passions is helping churches figure out how they can glorify God by preaching the gospel to those around them who are in great need. I hope you will pray for me as I do my best to be a help and an encouragement to this pastor and church family.

This week in the Philippines

Our staff and partners in the Philippines have made some real advancements this week. Since August 10th, they have been visiting on the streets three times per week. Each time they go out they take a meal for the hungry children and they also share the gospel. Several teenagers have been saved as a result of these faithful visits.

They have been taking the van and picking up these same children and bringing them to the Sunday church services and they told me the children really enjoy going to church. In fact, last Sunday, three kids missed the van when it came by so they pooled their money together and took a Jeepney to get to the church service! That sounds like progress to me, how about you?

First night of shelter!

On September 9th, for the very first time, our ministry provided safe shelter for some of the street children we have been ministering to. The city has allowed us the use of one of their buildings and our staff and partners wasted no time gathering the most vulnerable boys and girls to bring them in for the night.

The kids enjoyed a great meal, singing, and the safety and security of the new shelter. The plan is to use this free building for as long as we can until the Lord provides a place of our own. Please be much in prayer for this brand new endeavor as it will take a lot of time and resources.






Pastor Ner, his wife and our other staff and volunteers are giving in a very sacrificial way to help these children as best as they can. I can’t stress enough just how important this is. Many of these children are being abused and or used by very devious people in ways that are hard to even describe. When we take a child in, we are literally rescuing them from a life of danger and certain destruction.

Plane tickets are purchased

This week I was able to purchase the plane tickets needed for my return trip to the Philippines. Pastor Todd Crusenberry will be joining me for this trip and we will leave on October 6th and return on October 20th. In the coming weeks I will be sharing some of our goals for this trip but in the mean time please be praying for traveling mercies. The round trip will consist of about 9 different flights and over 50 hours of travel time.

Thanks again

Thanks again for your prayers and support. Without you there is just no way we could be building a ministry that is having such a powerful impact on so many lives.

God bless,