Ministry Update 9-19-16

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost one month since we arrived here in the Philippines. It seems like only yesterday we were saying goodbye to family and friends back in the States. I had high hopes of writing to you each week upon my arrival, but to be honest, those hopes were dashed upon the rocks of adjusting, setting up our new home, sickness and plain old busyness.

Hopefully I will be past all of that now and I can bring you regular updates! Here’s some highlights from last week.

We were blessed to have a mission team here with us last week. The Hope Missions team served with us in the street ministry, the meal centers, jail ministry and much more. One highlight was the ribbon cutting ceremony at our new meal center building in San Fernando. We already had a meal center there but we didn’t have a building of our own as of yet.


Just over 11km from the city of Talisay, there is a new settlement called San Fernando. This village came into being almost two years ago when several families who were squatters on another property were resettled here for permanent residency. There are about 76 families in that call this area home. Although it is a new settlement, it looks like it has been there for years because all of the homes were built with old, previously used material. The families are hard working, yet still very poor.

Every Saturday, our team serves a meal to the children of San Fernando. Along with the meal they sing songs and teach a Bible lesson. Thanks to a gift from Shawn Doss and Hope Missions, we were able to build a brand new facility.This new building will be used for our weekly children’s meal center as well as a satellite church.  In addition to this, it will provide a place for the children to do homework every evening. We are excited about the progress and very thankful for the gift that made it possible.

Please continue to pray for this and all of our children’s meal centers. We are in need of weekly and monthly sponsors to help us continue this great work. You can visit here for sponsorship information.

Film Showing Crusade 

Another highlight of this past week was the film showing crusade at a mountain village called La Castellana. Our friend, Pastor Ricky, is the pastor of a new mission church here. He has been laboring in this community for about two years now.


Early on Monday, our mission team assembled gift bags for all of the children in the village. These bags had rice, toothpaste, toothbrushes, milk and anti-bacterial soap. We handed out the bags and visited before dark and then gathered as many people as we could for the crusade.


When darkness fell upon the small mountain community, we gathered on a concrete slab and began the movie that was projected onto a sheet hanging on the side of a house. The film lasted about 35 minutes and the horror was evident upon the faces of many as they watched a portrayal of the crucification for the first time.


When the movie was ended, Pastor Raul Remada preached a message about the death and resurrection of Christ. More than 25 people responded to this message by accepting Christ as Savior. Please pray for this mission work and the many new believers that they would follow in baptism.

Street Ministry Update

Our street ministry is doing great. The Unsheltered International Philippines Team continues to show compassion to the children and families who are homeless and make the streets of Bacolod their home. Our team visits the streets every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. They take a meal so that everyone can eat after they hear the gospel.


In the above picture, Pastor Raul Remada is teaching the children at the Plaza. Most of these children are runaways and some have been on the streets or years. Please pray for their safety and for God’s love to penetrate their hearts and minds.

Mission team from Maryland 

Pastor Steve Dixon from Porters Grove Baptist Church in Conowingo, MD has brought a group of six people to Roxas, Isabella, Philippines to help a local pastor with church construction. Hunter and I were scheduled to join them but unfortunately I became very sick a couple days ago and couldn’t make the flight.


Thankfully, Hunter was able to go ahead on his own and catch up with them in Manila and travel with them to their destination. We received this picture from Hunter today! It looks like he is enjoying the hand mixing concrete, huh?


Please pray for this mission team and also for Hunter as they will continue laboring each day and also have revival services each night.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support for our family and ministry. We appreciate each and every one of you.


P.S. Be on the look out for details about our Fall Fundraising Campaign that will begin in October. We will be asking for our supporters to dig deep and give to the cause of Christ during this upcoming season of fundraising.