New Equipment Trailer is Complete

We are happy to announce that our new equipment trailer is now complete! Thanks to the hard work of many dedicated people, the build-out is finished, the paint and logo is done, inspections are done and everything is loaded. This is a great day because it will allow us to expand our ability to bring more supplies to our events, thus helping more people.

Now that the trailer is complete, we can focus on putting it to good use to transport our supplies to the resource clinics.

Tim and Adrienne will pull out with the loaded trailer on Thursday and head to Coatesville, PA for our first resource clinic  on Saturday at City Gate Mission. Please pray for their safety, God’s provision and souls to be saved on Saturday. Thank you for your prayers.

Here are some additional pictures of the semi-trailer project:


Special thanks to:

  • Kenny Brown for building the inside and helping in all other areas
  • Tim Klein for providing tires and brakes
  • Priority Trucking for installing new tires and brakes and doing the inspection
  • Neil Baty for the paint job
  • Tim Barbee for being the driver
  • Kenny Lazar for donating the loading ramp
  • Isaac at Altec Inc. for building and donating the stairs
  • Chad Alexander for donating the trailer
  • Everyone who helped Tim load up the supplies
  • Brandon Grey for donating and installing the logo and lettering
  • Jennifer Limerick for making the caution sign for the back door