New mobile kitchen and truck

To say that we have been blessed here lately would be an understatement. God has been good and our donors have been very generous.

In fact, because of that generosity, we now have two very valuable pieces of equipment to assist us in ministry to disaster areas as well as our homeless ministry work.

Below is a picture of our new mobile kitchen and the truck needed to pull it. The kitchen was donated and we were able to purchase the truck for a very good deal.


Here is the inside of the mobile kitchen.

There are a few remaining needs in order to get up and running at full capacity. I will list them below.

This kitchen needs to have generator power in order to operate in remote locations such as a disaster stricken area. You can click here to see the type of generator that is needed.

We also need to stock up with pots, pans, serving utensils, and more. We will gladly accept used equipment for this. We are looking for commercial size and grade. A couple of large cutting boards would come in handy as well.

There are probably about five or six hundred dollars worth of improvements that we need to do as well. For example, we need to do a little work to secure all of the equipment for safe travel and update all of the plumbing so that it will withstand the twisting and turning of travel as well.

As for the truck, only a couple items are needed. Two tires and an extra fuel tank will do it. The extra fuel tank will go in the back and enable us to take extra fuel into disaster areas for both the truck as well as our command center which both are diesel powered.

We are so very grateful to our Lord and to our donors. Help us pray that these new additions will last a long time and help many, many hurting people as we use them.

If you would like to donate toward these or any other needs, you can do so online by clicking here.