New Tricycle Is Here! Ministry Update 10/30/15

Hello everyone,

This was a busy week in our Philippines ministry and our team accomplished some of great things. I want to tell you about a couple of them, but first, I’ll share a picture with you. Do you remember that I said a while back that we ordered a new tricycle? Remember the cool pictures I shared of it while it was being built? Well, it is all finished and being used now! Here it is.


Powered by a 175 cc Kawasaki motorcycle, this vehicle can carry up to 15 people at a time. It will be used in the dumpsite ministry, Handumanan meal center, to transport people to church on Sunday’s, and I’m sure they will find many other cool uses for it on a daily basis. Thanks to everyone who gave to this need.


Digging deeper

While I was with our team in the Philippines recently, we met a young boy who was living on the streets. His name was John. Because he was only 10 years old, our team took steps to rescue him from the streets that night. They have been working with him every day for two weeks now and this week they were able to locate his family. Sometimes it’s hard to get to the bottom of things and discover the truth.

Because of difficulty within the family as well as behavioral problems, the family (he only has an aunt and uncle) has asked for our further help. For now, our team is seeing to it that he is safe and secure and getting proper help. Many of the young children that we minister to are in similar situations. Severe family dysfunction, coupled with severe poverty, leaves children to survive alone without any guidance or hope.

Please pray that our team will have wisdom as they continue to help John and the many other children that they minister to about four times each week. It’s certainly not an easy job, it is one that causes you to cry often and sometimes be overcome with frustration, but it is a worthy endeavor because the lives of these children are at stake.

Update on Ronel

There was also a 20-year-old young man that we met while I was in the Philippines. This boy was very sick and sleeping with his family on the sidewalk. We took him to the hospital and some tests were ordered. After a long delay, an appointment was set for him to have an ultrasound. That test was completed a couple days ago, but we don’t have the results back yet. I’ll try to keep you informed.


As you can see in the above picture, he sleeps on the sidewalk every night so good health is very difficult to maintain. This boys name is Ronel, please keep praying for him.

Fall Fundraising Campaign

Our Fall Fundraising Campaign is going strong and people are giving! Our new total, as of today, is:


We are still a long way from our goal of $40,000.00 but we are just now finishing the first month, and we have two months to go. I know that the Lord is speaking to hearts about giving to the campaign because I have already received many encouraging notes along with gifts from our donors. I want you to know that I read every single note and they really encourage me. As a matter of fact, there have been many times when God has used one of those notes to reassure me of his provision.

You can give to the Fall Fundraising Campaign by check or online by clicking here

My new book

I mentioned a couple weeks ago about a new ebook I have been working on. I sent the rough draft off to a few friends last week and I now understand what other authors mean when they say that what you think is your final draft, will most likely turn out to be the first of many revisions! I am extremely grateful for all the honest and helpful input received so far because they are going to make it much better. I hope to have the book available in the next few weeks!

50 Practical Ways You Can Help The Homeless a simple, easy to read book that will equip people to do more acts of kindness. Wouldn’t that be a great thing in today’s self-centered society? It will be free and I will need your help to promote it so we can get it to as many people as possible.

In conclusion

Next week I will be traveling to the Chattanooga, TN, area to preach in a prison for two days and speak at a luncheon for the homeless people in Chattanooga. I would appreciate your prayers as I go!

Thank you for reading and praying for all that God is doing through our ministry, I’m glad you’re a part of this with us!

God bless,

Travis Sharpe

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