News From the Philippines

Hey everyone,

Here is some news about what is going on with our Unsheltered International-Philippines ministry.

Street Ministry

Our UI-Philippines team continues to visit the streets of Bacolod three nights a week, despite that in the past month there has been a minimal amount of children to be found. This is because of the curfew to keep people from roaming the city at night, with police walking the streets to make sure that this law is executed. Many of the children have returned to their own homes and villages in fear that they will be arrested. Others who have no place to return, hide away deeper into the streets making it difficult for our team to feed and minister to them. But as long as there are lost and hungry children, they will not stop searching to share the Gospel with them.

Meal Centers

We currently have thirteen active meal centers and they are all doing great!

The center in Tulay has gone down in numbers significantly, but that is because those living on the one side of Tulay have had to relocate to another area. Though it breaks our hearts to see these children leave, Pastor Ner is talking and praying with Sister Warly, who’s house the children would meet at, about starting another meal center at their new location.

The existing side of Tulay is continuing strongly and seems to only grow!

A member of the church we are partnered with, Sister Melanie, has recently started a meal center in the village of Catabla, where she lives, so that she can reach the children in her own community. On their first Saturday, only three children came. This would be discouraging to anyone, but they stayed committed and praise the Lord, last Saturday there were thirty-two children in attendance! Thirty-two children fed, thirty-two children given access to first-aid, and thirty-two children who heard the name of Jesus!

It is amazing to think about how God has allowed us to have many different and successful aspects of ministry internationally.

Thank the Lord and all of you who He uses to faithfully support them!