October 13 Resource Clinic Results

Today’s resource clinic was for sure God ordained. Just when it seemed to be another routine day, a moment would come that would almost take your breath away.

In one corner, a guest and volunteer laughed and seemed to reminisce, as if they were old friends. The servers seemed at time like old pro’s greeting and serving the guest as soon as they arrived. While our guest singer Ginny Rochester entertained with beautiful music. The sight of raised hands, just praising God was quiet a site to see, under that rickety bridge.

During the service, Brother Tim and Brother Mike gave there testimonies. Both were homeless, and had been so wrapped up with addictions they had lost sight of who they were supposed to be for God. As they poured out there stories to the crowd, many heads begin to nod. Some in agreement to the addictions, others relating to life on the streets. But the silent eyes spoke much louder. As if to say, “Lord, have you been there?

The moment the prayer tent was announced open, a wave of people rushed to talk to God. One guest stumbling to get in front of the others, as if this might be there only hope.  Another grasping tightly to the handles of a walker, dragged her frail and broken legs behind her, to be last, but certainly not the least.  The prayer area over flowed so much at one time, there was a rush to get more chairs. What an amazing thing to see; the excitement in prayer.

Below: Paul shares a Bible story with some of the kids that came

Today, we spent the day with old friends and new. The hum of fellowship, and the smell of a home cooked meal engulfed under that bridge today. We were home, in that old parking lot.

 “I’m not just a number in line, ‘cause I can tell you care. The Lord has blessed me today.” Said a man named Maurice, who currently lives at the Salvation Army. He received a hot meal, a resume and birth certificate, and spoke of his new life with light in his eyes, as if he could see the change that was about to happen.

Though Maurice was just one of many today with the chance of change, we can only give what the Lord allows. Many ask after a clinic, “now what? What can we do? I want to do more?!” Well, now, after the tables and chairs are folded and put away. The food and resources packed and the clinic closes. It becomes time for the real work to begin.

What can we do now?  Now, at the end of the day, we pray. Because now, it’s time for God to work in their lives. It is our job, to be in constant prayer that everything that was done today, no matter how big or small the gesture, becomes the light of Christ.  We pray that seeds were planted in those silent hearts and broken lives, and we pray that God may use, the least of these.

Today we were able to give 62 pairs of reading glasses, 45 haircuts, dozens of  bibles, 22 Emergency Contact Cards, 33 birth certificates, wrote 12 resumes and 4 letters!

But more importantly, there were 3 people that accepted Christ into their lives today and one person that rededicated their life.

A special thanks to all the volunteers that came out to help today! If you would like to help at future events, please visit our website atunsheltered.org and check out the upcoming events often, to see when we will be in your area!

Please continue to pray for Unsheltered International and all the people God allows into our path.

Quick overview of today’s results

133 total guests

3 Salvations, 1 rededication

62 pairs of reading glasses

45 haircuts

33 birth certificates

12 resumes

Dozens of bibles

4 letters

22 emergency contact cards


Below: Marie creates a resume


Below: We help a guest apply for a copy of his birth certificate