‘On the streets in San Jose’ By Travis Sharpe

Today was a both great and heartbreaking. April and I spent the morning in the cities of San Jose and Heredia, Costa Rica.

We started walking the streets in the worst part of San Jose very early (before 6 am). Some people were still sleeping on the sidewalks and in the streets as well.
man on the street
Many people lay in filth. It was very sad. In just one block we witnessed two men urinating on the sidewalk, right beside where they sleep.

As a matter of fact, on the sidewalks we walked down, almost every nook and cranny is used as a restroom by the people sleeping there. The smell is horrible.

We were fortunate to have Pastor Guillermo Rojas to be our guide. He is very knowledgeable of the city and was once a drug dealer himself who lived on the streets.

We quickly met a man named Jonas who has been living on the streets for many years. He was helpful in giving us a lot of information about life on the streets. He even showed us where the Salvation Army was.

travis with menPictured here is on the left: Pastor Guillermo Rojas   in the Middle: Jonas, a man we met on the street in San Jose, and Myself on the right.

San Jose is much like a typical big city in America. There are nice sections and bad sections. The homeless population here is typical of an American cities homeless problem.

After San Jose, we went for a tour of Heredia, which is the third largest city in Costa Rica. Pastor Rojas’s church is one mile from downtown Heredia in a nice suburb type area.

Walking the streets of Heredia was much different. Although there were some people on the streets, this was a much cleaner, brighter city.

Pastor Rojas expressed a a desire to reach out to the homeless and needy there in Heredia. It was great to take a tour of his church and home.

Please continue to pray that God would guide us and lead us in how we might help here in these areas.