South Dakota Pine Ridge Indian Reservation- Travis Sharpe

I am super excited about our upcoming trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. We leave on June 20th!pineridge-300x225

This is one of the absolute poorest places in the United States. From what I understand it is very desolate, and void of hope. The good news is that Missionary Ken Trivette has been there for one year now building a church and preaching the gospel.

Ken Trivetter

We will join Brother Trivette, Billy Sampson, Kenny Marr and some others for a great week of ministry. Our team will be responsible for cooking three wonderful meals (if you have never had a big meal cooked by April and Adrienne you are really missing out). They have a great menu planned.

We will also be providing some resources like reading glasses, Bibles, and clothing as well. At night we will have singing and preaching under a big gospel tent.

Everyone is excited about the opportunity to bring so much hope to the reservation. We also hope that our visit will be a real encouragement to brother Trivette as he labors consistently there to the precious people who call Pine Ridge home.

We still need about $3000 for this trip. Would you consider donating to help us be a blessing to these folks who are in great need? There is still time to mail in your gift or to donate online.

God bless you and thanks for your support- Travis