Planting a new church and seeing God work

I’ve got something great to share with you! We started a new ministry a few weeks ago and the testimonies are pouring in. It’s like living out a portion from the book of Acts!

I’m sure you are familiar with our meal center ministry where we serve hot meals to hungry children and also care for their medical needs and teach the Bible to them. It’s one of the greatest ministries that we have and God is really blessing the efforts. As of now, we have about fourteen different meal centers and we are reaching almost 1,000 children per week.

Now, God has given us the opportunity to start two more of these centers. This time, however, the goal is to plant new churches. We have already begun in two different areas. One is in the southern Island of Mindanao and the other is in a remote village called Canubgan. We partnered with a young preacher named Raffy and he started three weeks ago in this remote village. Raffy is 22 years old and really on fire for God. Here are a couple pictures of Raffy and his team in action.

We gave Raffy medicine to use for the poor children in the village and in only two weeks they have had amazing results. In fact, the man in charge of the village was amazed because the triple antibiotic ointment we gave them completely cleared several children’s sores in one weeks time. All the people were grateful and called it a miracle.

Above: Pastor Jezer (Raffy’s pastor) gives the mothers in the village medicine and explains how to use it.

Below: Medicine being applied to children in the village.

We also received an inspiring report about the Bible teaching. Raffy teaches a Bible story before they serve the meal on Sunday afternoons. A couple weeks ago the lesson was about forgiveness. The next week, some of the teachers in the local school came to the village captain and asked what that young man was teaching the children on Sundays. It seems as though there was a fight between two students and several of the kids who attend the meal center stepped in and announced that their friends were commanded to forgive each other! They said they learned that from the Bible teacher!

Now what?

Now that we have started the meal center, Raffy will get to know the families better and soon, begin an adult Bible study. The Bible study, Lord willing, will evolve into a new church. Please pray for this new ministry opportunity.

We are seeking sponsors to help. This meal center can be fully sponsored for $200 per month. That amount can come from one sponsor or several who pool together to make up the entire amount. If you feel led to get involved, you can email me (Travis) at and I would be happy to tell you how you can become a sponsor.

Thanks so much for reading and supporting God’s work!