Report from Bristol, VA

Our resource clinic here in Bristol, VA was a great success. Our team arrived late Thursday evening and got just a few hours of sleep before meeting Friday to put up our big tent at the event site downtown! After three hours of hard work driving all the stakes into the gravel parking lot, we finally finished.IMG_0205

Friday evening was spent at Calvary Bible Church doing our orientation for the volunteers. We ate, watched a video and heard from everyone on the Unsheltered staff about the details of the event the next day. We ended the night by praying around the altar and especially asking The Lord to hold off the rain because the chance was 90%.

 When Saturday arrived we met at the tent early to begin the final set up of all the resource stations and other equipment. The clouds were dark and it was raining a little. As we looked at the radar, there was a wall of rain coming at us that seemed unavoidable.

With a 90% chance of rain and the wall of storms on the radar, we decided to move to our secondary location before it was too late. We made the move to a church fellowship hall just a few blocks away and within a couple short hours we were all set up and ready to go thanks to the tireless work of dozens of great volunteers.

IMG_0220The guests were bused in from our original location. When they arrived, they were seated and given hot coffee and donuts while they dried from the rain.

During the service we heard a testimony from a girl named Amanda who had recently been released from federal prison, and released from years of sin and pain.  She spoke to our guest from a point of view only an addict can understand. Of getting up and falling down only to drown in addiction all over again. Then she spoke of Gods amazing grace. We heard singing from Lesley Crusenberry and Sarah Sharpe.

After the preaching, the prayer tent full of bodies crying and praying was proof that God was with us that day, and He was busy working in their hearts.  There was one salvation and one rededicaton!

To begin with the event was successful and to carry on we were able to provide 98 Guest with:

36 Haircutsresources copy

13 Emergency Contact cards

51 glasses

43 Bibles

2 letter home were written

19 Birth Certificates were applied for

12 people received first aid

4 people received resumes

89 people received giveaway bags full of hygiene items and snacks!

We had just about as many volunteers as we did guest, so each guest was almost ensured one on one treatment in every area of the event.

There was so many good things that happened during this day. People getting help, that thought they were helpless. People felt love like they had never felt before, and became encouraged, where they had long lost the courage to fight.

Men like James, who found Christ this day,  we hope will never be the same.  Men like John who became homeless after he lost his wife, left that day with the hope and the vision of a new home, new job, and a new life.

IMG_0311Our events are nothing without committed volunteers! We want to thank Calvary Bible Church, Community Baptist Church, and Beulah Land Baptist Church volunteers for coming out and making the most of the rain, and the best of the day!  You guys changed lifes that day!

If you or your Church would like more information on hosting a resource clinic in your home town. Contact Travis Sharpe at 1-877-277-5838 or email