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We are super excited about our upcoming resource clinic for the homeless at City Gate Mission in Coatesville, PA. This will be our second year at this location. Last year we had over 200 people in attendance. Everyone gets a great meal and hears the gospel message.

Travis will be preaching this year and he is excited about what God is going to do.

You can help us make this a life-changing day for someone! When you donate to help us with one of these events, you are helping to spread the gospel, give clothes and food to those in need and provide access to other valuable resources such as birth certificates and resumes.

For many, this day will be a day of hope and restoration. Someone will surrender their life to Christ!

We need your support for this event. Your gift of any amount will help to bless those in need at this event.

To make your donation today, simply visit this page. You can give online or send a check.


We will have an orientation tonight, Friday, April 25 at 6:30 pm. It will be at the fellowship hall at Nottingham Missionary Baptist Church in Nottingham, PA. The address is 303 W. Christine Rd. Nottingham, PA. It will last about two hours and we will be going over everything you need to know for the big event tomorrow.


Important information about the event at City Gate


What is a resource clinic?

They are one-day events that we put on to truly bring hope and help to the homeless. The events usually last from 4-6 hours and during that time our team and volunteers work hard to provide critical resources that people experiencing homelessness need. We also serve a meal and have a lot of fellowship right out on the streets where people live!


Our team strives to make each Resource Clinic a great event. Each guest is treated with dignity and respect. We spend a lot of time so it is never a rushed feeling of simply doing our “duty”.



What resources will be provided?



Birth certificates


Emergency contact cards

Reading glasses

First aid







Our clinic hours are 11:00-3:00


  • 7 am- The set-up team will arrive and begin laying out the various resource stations.
  • 9 am- Volunteers arrive and register at the registration table. This is when you will receive your final job assignment. You will also sign a registration sheet and a waiver form.
  • 9am-10am- Volunteers help finish setting up. It is very important to pay close attention and help out during the set up process. We will need you to help set up tables, chairs, tents, etc.
  • 10 am- After the set up is complete, we will have prayer together and then each volunteer should go to their station to receive more training/instructions.
  • 10:30- Begin to register guests that have arrived early.
  • 11-12 Worship service
  • 12-12:30 Meal (Meal will be provided throughout the day)
  • 12:30 Resources open
  • 3:00 Finish and tear down. We will tear down in a specific order so please be careful to follow all instructions.



The general process of the event:


When a guest comes to the event, they should be greeted by a greeter (or anyone, everyone should be on the lookout for new guests). The greeter should give the guest an information sheet and take them to the registration table. Every guest must register at the registration table in order to receive the resources.


At the registration table their name will be written down and they will be given a ticket and a nametag. They will need to show their ticket in order to receive the various resources. It is here at the registration table that they will be told how to navigate through the day.


Each resource station will have a person in charge and a host. The person in charge is there to oversee the volunteers and answer any questions about that particular station. The host is responsible for signing people up for that particular resource and keeping order at the station.


The host acts just like a host at a restaurant. No one is allowed into the resource station without the host calling them in.


Each station will have a waiting area with chairs. (Some stations may not require this). We want to seat people as they wait in order to discourage waiting in lines.


Guests can move from station to station in any order they want. We do need to encourage them to stay at one station until they are served and then move to another station.


When a guest comes to the event after everything has started, they should be able to still receive all of the resources including a meal.



The Meal:


We will have the guests sit down at the tables and our servers will serve them a meal. There will be no waiting in line for the meal. Please communicate this to the guests.

What to wear:

Our dress policy is modesty. Here are some guidelines.

Men: Dress comfortable and appropriate for the weather of the season. You will be on your feet a lot so good shoes are a must. There is no need to “dress up” as you are likely to be sweating a lot as you help lift things and set up/break down the event.

We suggest jeans or Khaki’s and a polo style shirt or tee shirt. Please no tank tops.

Ladies: Dress comfortable and appropriate for the weather of the season.   You do not have to “dress up” but please use common sense and modesty as you select your clothing. Good shoes are a must because you are likely to be on your feet a lot.

We suggest Capri’s or khaki pants. Any skirts or dresses should be below the knee while sitting. Jeans or pants are fine as long as they are not tight fitting and are modest. Low cut tops or tight fitting clothes are inappropriate.



Other information


  • We have to work hard not to segregate ourselves. Be mindful not to group up with all the “church” people all day long.
  • Don’t make any promises that you cannot keep. For example, if someone asks you for a blanket, don’t tell them that you will bring them one tomorrow. This type of thing is harmful if you do not do it and if you do come back you would need the proper people with you because of safety concerns.
  • Be respectful at all times. The guests at our events need to feel loved, and wanted.
  • Be very cautious with your camera. Do not get in someone’s face and take a picture. Use extreme wisdom and common sense if you are going to take pictures. We do not want to exploit someone’s plight.
  • A protected, secure baggage area will be available if guests feel comfortable leaving there belongings while they are at the clinic.




  • In the event of a problem guest, please immediately contact an Unsheltered International staff member.
  • Always stay with the group. Do not wander away from the event or out of sight.
  • Children must be supervised every second by their parent or guardian. Do not leave them unattended for any reason
  • Ladies should not engage in any type of questionable behavior or conversation with male guests.
  • Ladies should not leave the event area or go “off to the side” with male guests for any reason.
  • Personal valuables should be left at home or in a safe place like the trunk of your car.
  • Flashy jewelry should not be worn.
  • Report any questionable behavior to an Unsheltered International staff member immediately. This would include things like someone cursing you or someone else, someone making threats, any lewd remarks or gestures, etc.
  • We advise that you avoid giving away money during the event.
  • We advise that you avoid letting someone use your cell phone. If someone asks you to use your phone, just take them to an Unsheltered International staff member and we will be happy to let them use ours.




To learn more about our resource clinics, visit this page.

Here are some pictures from past events.




volunteer copy





who can help copy



Thanks again for your prayers and support! Here is the link again if you feel led to make a donation.