Sandy Response Update #3

We spent today loading our disaster response unit and trailer with as much equipment as possible. We have our big tent, generator, grills, food supplies and much more.

We will be leaving early tomorrow morning for Bristol, VA where we will be through the weekend. Then, early Monday morning we will be headed for Staten Island, NY to set up a relief center in conjunction with Pastor Michael King and Brighton Beach Baptist Church.

We expect to be there for a minimum of one week. We will stay as long as we are able to help run our relief center. We expect to collect and distribute goods to the community, cook and serve meals, and be there for spiritual and emotional support as well.

Donations for the work of Unsheltered International to support our efforts can be made online here.

Below is a letter from the Pastor we will be helping. In his letter he tells how that donations can be made directly to their church as well.

Letter from Pastor King- Click here

Visit this page for our updated needs list

Thank you for your generous support and your prayers. Please continue to pray for the families that were devastated by this storm.