Secrets Revealed and Prayers Answered [Ministry Update]

This weeks update is one of the most real and grave updates I have given yet. I personally know most of the children that I will mention below and my heart is grieved because of what we have learned. I hope you will spend some extra time praying for them because as you will read below, those prayers are working!

Secrets Revealed

If you have ever worked with at-risk children or youth from broken homes, then you know it can take a very long time to make any real progress with them. They have so many hurts, scars and fears that sometimes it is just impossible for them to open up and be truthful with anyone. It can be extremely sad and frustrating.

Pastor Antonio Ner and his wife Merliza have been faithfully visiting the children who sleep on the streets in Bacolod City Philippines for quite some time now. They have sat with the children on the dirty sidewalks and even brought them home to get showers and clean clothes. They have done everything they can in order to build trust and finally that hard work is paying off.

Just this week a few of the children have open up to them about some of the real reasons they run away from home and sleep in the streets. One 14 year old girl broke down and told Sister Merliza that she was being abused at home. We have suspected this all along and it seems that the truth is finally coming out.

A few others have also begin to confide in them about their drug abuse, physical abuse by adults and other despicable acts that no child should ever see, much less endure.

These secrets are hard to hear. They are heartbreaking. But it is necessary to understand the real issues that these children are facing day in and day out. With each heart-stopping truth I learn, I am reminded just how vital our ministry in the Philippines is. It’s not just a fun way to help kids, this is a ministry where children are being rescued from life threatening situations.

Prayers Answered

Since they have learned of these things this week, Pastor Antonio has visited the Chief of Police and also the head of the DSWD (children’s welfare). The answered prayer comes into play because everything he wanted as outcomes in those meetings was granted.

The police have agreed to partner with them to better care for the children who are living on the streets and the DSWD has pledged their full support-even to the point of helping us find a government building to begin to shelter some of the most at-risk children. It’s a major answer to prayer because you never know how those meetings will go. But God gave them favor with each official and now it looks like we will be making progress on a facility.

The ministry team has been visiting at least two or three times each week and now they are going late at night instead of early in the morning. They have found that it is easier to spend time talking and getting to know the people late at night before they fall asleep somewhere on the sidewalks.

Please continue to pray

Our prayers are being answered so please continue! Pray for the welfare and safety of the children we are ministering to and also wisdom for Pastor Antonio, Merliza and all the staff and volunteers. Also pray for God’s continual provision as we move forward and make progress.

Don’t forget!

Tomorrow morning, Saturday, August 29, is our free pancake breakfast at Temple Baptist Church. We are moving it into the Rock (another building at the church. It’s in the front parking lot and has a sign that says “The Rock”). We had to move it there because we didn’t have a projector system that would be adequate in the church gym.

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As always, thank you so much for your gifts, your support, and your faithful prayers.

God bless,


P.S. I will be returning to the Philippines in October for a two week visit. Please help me pray that I can find a good airfare for the trip as I plan to purchase my ticket in the next week or so. Thanks!