Semi Trailer Project

I have some really cool news about a project we have been working on for our US ministry. As you know, each year we put on resource clinics for the homeless in many states. These events are done in partnership with local churches and we bring some serious help to people in need.

Last year we did five resource clinics. We were in NC, PA, GA, OH, and TN. As you can imagine, we have to haul many supplies to make these events happen. There are tables, chairs, tents, coolers, signs, fencing, grills, Bibles, sound equipment, generators, and the list goes on and on.

Because this ministry has grown so much, we were at our full capacity in our trailer for space to haul our equipment. This is where the really big news comes in. Last year, one of our supporters donated a 53’ semi trailer to us. The trailer was used for storage but it was in good condition and we had it inspected and it passed the inspection for road travel.

We are now in the process of refitting the trailer to haul our supplies. We will also be putting on new tires, brakes and a paint job. Here’s how God has blessed so far:

* A local trucking company has agreed to lend us a truck to use to pull the trailer for each resource clinic.
* Tim Barbee (who is on our team) is a truck driver and he will be the driver for us.
* One of our supporters who works in the trucking industry is giving us four new tires and new brakes. A local company is installing the tires and brakes for us free of charge.
* Our friend Kenny Brown is building the shelves and installing lighting.
* Another friend has agreed to do the graphic work and put our logo on the trailer for us.

We are right in the middle of this process and we need to finish before the first resource clinic in April. There are a few remaining needs to pray for.

* We need to get the outside painted. We can have this done for about $2,800
* We need to paint the interior and add lights. About $1000
* We need to finish the shelving, compartments, steps and a ramp. About $2,500

Here are some pictures of the progress so far.

Please pray with us that the rest of these needs will be quickly met so that we can be on the road before the first resource clinic in April. There are also some additional resource clinic needs such as a couple new tents and a few other items that you could also pray for.

Thanks for all your support and most of all, pray that we have a good year with the resource clinics and that God would help many, many needy people.