Special Care For A Special Boy by Travis Sharpe

Can you imagine being the mother of an extremely sick child who has been suffering with a disease but not having the ability to get them treated? The treatment is just too expensive and the medicines that are needed cost more than you earn in several months. Can you imagine the despair? Can you feel the helplessness?


That was the case for Eden Mae when we met her on our last day of medical clinic in the Philippines. Her precious four year old boy, Drawnjo Salon, had been suffering with TB of the bone for a year and a half. He was on maintenance medication but needed additional treatment and was also very sick. She brought her child to the clinic in hopes of getting help for his worsening condition.

Thankfully, Pastor Todd Crusenberry and the medical team from the Gospel Preacher Association were not only concerned with Drawnjo’s medical condition, but they were also concerned with the condition of his mother’s heart. Before the doctors even had a chance to give him a checkup, his mother attended the evangelism service and accepted the Lord as her Savior.

When the time came for him to see the doctor, his medical needs were very evident. Not only was he suffering with the TB symptoms, but he also had pneumonia and needed to be hospitalized. Dr. Perez was the one to treat him and upon her recommendation we sent him straight to the hospital in an old ambulance that belonged to the community we were working in. It took three days in the hospital to get his pneumonia under control but finally he was well enough to go home.

With his immediate sickness taken care of, it was now time to address the TB. Because he was suffering from TB of the bone, his most immediate need was a back brace. Since he is only four years old and his little body is weak, he needed the brace to ensure that his spine would grow correctly.

The brace would have to be made special for him and that meant a plaster mold and a lot of costs. All together, the brace would cost 8,000 pesos, that’s about $185. Knowing that this was a great need and that his parents couldn’t afford the brace, we decided to step in and help.

So last week his parents took him to be fitted for the brace. Here are several pictures of the process.












His brace will be ready soon and our staff members will help his parents make sure that he has everything else that he needs. I am so thankful for our supporters who have made it possible for us to help Drawnjo with this great need.

But the fact of the matter is that there are hundreds of other kids who have similar problems and need our help. This year we have helped children who had dysentery, TB, dehydration, injuries, bacteria infections and a few other illnesses.

I can honestly say that I didn’t fully realize the amount of pain and suffering that children in developing nations endure until our journey to the Philippines this year. That realization is very difficult to accept and I think the only way I can truly deal with it is knowing that each and every day we are doing something about it.

Yes, I wish we could do more. I wish we could rescue every child who is living in harmful conditions or who is deathly sick with a preventable disease. Although we cannot save every child, we can save some and Drawnjo is a good example of that.

Please keep praying for Drawnjo and all of the other children. And thank you for being a part of our team. Our supporters are people who genuenly care about the suffering that others are going through and I appreciate you being that person today.