Special Report, Charleston, WV

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, my son Hunter and I spent several hours on the streets of Charleston, WV. My friend Reggan Jet, who is the Youth/Assistant Pastor at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, has recently started a new street ministry. The ministry is Called Breaking Chains Street Ministry and this was their third week.

Reggan and his ministry partner, Randy, have a burden to care for and help the homeless men and women who are Unsheltered in Charleston. Hunter and I were glad to spend time with them out on the streets sharing our knowledge and giving insight where we could.

On Tuesday we met a man named Charlie. Charlie is in a wheelchair and he lives in an abandoned garage with two other guys. As we were talking to him, he told us that his feet were hurting badly because of diabetes and some other health complications. I asked if I could check his feet and what we found was startling.


After we suited up with gloves, we cleaned his feet and then used peroxide to fight the infection. They are severely infected. After several times of peroxide and more cleaning, we wrapped them in medicated gauze and put new socks on to hopefully keep them clean for a little while.


Please pray for Charlie. Like many people who are homeless, he has severe disabilities and he also has an alcohol problem. Reagan and Randy are continuing to visit him and the goal right now is to get him to accept real treatment for his feet before it’s too late.

In another section of town, we spied a tent that had been set up on a hillside by the interstate. After trekking up the hill, we found a homeless camp but no one was home. I’m thankful that Reggan and Randy have a heart to seek out people who otherwise might stay hidden.


In yet another area, we found a gentleman sleeping underneath a bridge right in the middle of town. Reagan and Randy were quick to strike up a conversation and do what they could to help him. It is very possible that this man is suffering from a severe mental illness so I would ask you to remember him in your prayers as well.


I am proud of this new ministry and I told Reggan and Randy that I would do whatever I could to help and support them as they minister to the precious people here in this area that are barely making it through life. They have a Facebook page that you can follow for updates called Breaking Chains Street Ministry. I urge you to look them up and pray for this important new ministry of compassion.

Right now they could use donations of new socks, toboggans, toiletry items, bibles, first aid supplies, and of course, cash.

To those of you who support Unsheltered International, thank you. Because of your support, one of the things we can do is help new ministries such as this one.