Team Member Highlight – Tracy Burns

Tracy grew up in a home where church was not priority. She married her first husband in her early 20’s. Had 2 children, and began her life as a misunderstood converted Catholic.

Over the years of trying to create a home and raise a proper family, life took an unexpected turn. If it wasn’t the stress and unrevealed catholic life, or the newness of the family, work and everyday struggles, Tracy started to slip. She began making choices just like we all do, without thought of the future, choices to suffice the, “here and now.”

She had lost a great job, and then her 8 year marriage and family fell apart. “Sometimes, in the midst of the darkness, all we can do is start reaching for strings.”  However, the strings that Tracy grabbed for would lead her down a path drowning in alcohol.

After her family fell apart she began searching for answers to all her unanswered questions. Wondering why she was breaking down inside and struggling to find a place to fit in life. She married again, but only for a year before that came to an abrupt halt.

“A few friends and co-workers started inviting me to church and just being polite, I went. But, for the first time ever someone noticed my pain and asked to pray with me. We didn’t go to the altar and she didn’t offer a great show for others to notice. She wasn’t rehearsed; she genuinely showed God’s love and let it shine to me.”

Tracy began visiting church more often, listening to her unanswered question finally gain resolution. Though she hadn’t stopped drinking yet, she was slowly starting to understand that Christ loved her anyway!

“One bright September morning while headed to church, they sky seemed all at once clearer and brighter than it ever had before.”  That day during the service an overwhelming feeling of love and forgiveness came over her.  “It was as if Jesus himself was standing before me holding a clean white slate saying, “You can start over.” 

 Today, Tracy is a happy wife and proud mother of 5 children and has been living for God for almost 7 years now.  She and her husband are members of Temple Baptist Church in Cullman Alabama and Tracy has been working with Unsheltered International for over a year.

 “I wish I could say that it was all roses after that day I got saved, but I can’t. I did and still do fail Him every day.  But by his grace and loving mercy, I can get back up and keep trying to live a life more pleasing to Him and one that shows His love, just like the love that was shown to me.”

“I am not perfect, but I know the perfect one because He first loved me!”