The Thing On TV That Irritates Me The Most by Travis Sharpe

Lately it seems as though every time I turn on the TV I am hearing promises.

Are you hearing them too?
They go something like this:

Thousands have had their lives changed with this reverse mortgage…

You will never have to sharpen this knife. (And it will cut through steel and then slice a tomatoe)

This new surgery will heal every pain in your back, guranteed…

Maybe the most famous are the weight loss promises.

This new miracle drug will help you lose those unwanted pounds…

In only seven minutes a day, you are guaranteed to lose 25 pounds in just six weeks…

What do all of these promises have in common? You guessed it, they are empty.

Most of them are hollow, empty schemes that are loaded with fine print when the product finally comes.

What I think when I hear them.


It never fails. When I hear these ads, I am amazed at their claims. I am amazed at their boldness. I am amazed at how  companies can market a product so brazenly when the whole world knows (or should know) that most of their claims are false.

To be honest, sometimes it really irritates me. Sometimes I think that they should not be allowed to scream so loudly about products that more than likely are of no real value.

What is real?

I guess one reason it irritates me so much is because I see them being so bold with their money-making schemes while I am being cautious about raising money for our missionary work.

I have always been cautious. I never want to promise something that I cannot fulfill. I am cautious to say that we will see this result or that result because in reality I know that it is all up to God.

If a life is to be changed, God must do it. If a soul is delivered from hell, God must do it.

The thing that bothers me the most I guess, is the fact that what we are doing is REAL, while much of what they are doing doesn’t live up to the hype (and they are padding their pockets).

The promise you can count on.

I cannot promise that your life will be changed if you give to our ministry.

I cannot promise that every person we help will be changed forever.

I cannot even promise that everyone will listen to our message.

But I can promise a few things.

I can promise that we are preaching the gospel.

I can promise that we are doing our best to help those who come to us in need.

I can promise that we are personally invested in all we do and we are not asking anyone to do what we haven’t been doing ourselves for years.

Lastly, I can promise that our investments in these Heavenly things are know and seen by our Father in Heaven!

To sum it all up.

Here’s what I’m going to do. Every time I hear these crazy promises on the TV and am tempted to be completely irritated, I’m just going to meditate on some real promises.

Question: What TV promises aggravate you? (I didn’t even mention the flashy televangelists)

P.S. If you would like to get involved in some of our solid promises, visit here for details.