Today in Decatur by Travis

Today Paul and I spent the morning in Decatur, AL visiting the homeless and really just investigating the homeless camps. It had been a while since we had been there and in the world of homeless camps, they can spring up very quickly, so we wanted to see what was happening now.

Before we even got to where we were headed we found a gentleman named Vincent sleeping underneath an overpass. He had his sleeping bag on the hard, cold concrete. It was pretty windy up there and I know he must have been very cold to say the least. We spoke for just a few minutes but he really wasn’t in the mood for company. Hopefully we’ll catch him on a better day.

Next we found a camp in the woods beside a fast running stream in the middle of town. There were three men there standing around a burn barrel keeping warm. We talked with them for over thirty minutes and made a great initial contact. One of them, a 28 year old named William, was eager to talk to us about getting off the streets. He already has a program that he wants to enter and is just waiting to get an upcoming court date behind him.

I could sense that he wants to put this life behind him. We had prayer with him and promised our support to him however he needs it in the coming days to transition out of the woods into something better.

We then met a man named Steven. He lives in a camp in another section of woods. He was very nice and we hope to meet him again next week to begin forming a friendship with him. After we left there we found two more places in the woods where people are currently camping. Unfortunately, no one was home.

Then, as I turned around on a muddy trail, I stepped into a hole with my right foot and sank in water and mud half way up to my knee! Did I mention it was freezing cold outside this morning? Well, I guess it wouldn’t be much of an adventure if at least one body part didn’t go completely numb before we got back!

Help us pray for these guys we met today, especially William. I believe that he can have a bright future if he will put forth the effort.

Here is a couple pictures from today.

photo (21) photo (22)


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