Travis’s packing list


We leave for the Philippines on Monday January, 13! Since time is closing in, I thought I would get some help on this packing list. Take a look at it and tell me what I’m missing!!

We are still not sure if we will be able to do laundry or not and the sleeping arrangements will be very primitive. There are 2 flights. One is 15 hours and the other is 4.5 hours. There is a 12 hour layover in Seoul, Korea!!!!

Checked bag
12 pairs socks   **need to buy
12 pairs underwear   **need to buy
6 pair work pants
6 work shirts
4 sleep shirts
2 pair sleep shorts
Good work boots
Flip flops    ***need to buy or find 
10 pairs work gloves
Pocket knife
UI shirts for Todd and Richie
Bug spray
Air mattress
3 towels 
6 wash clothes 

Carry on bag

6 pairs socks
6 pairs underwear
6 pairs work pants
5 UI shirts 
Extra belt
Tennis shoes  ** need to buy
2 towels 
6 wash clothes 
Shave kit

Pain pills
Anti inflammatory pills
Ipad and charger
Phone charger
Ear buds
Sleep mask
Prescription sunglasses
Bible and sermons
Go Jo hand wipes
Flashlight and extra batteries
Hand sanitizer 
Money bag
Copy of passport

Wearing day of travel
Comfy jeans
Shirt with pocket