Update from April Sharpe in Costa Rica

I spent most of today with two Pastor’s wives here in Costa Rica. We were to prepare the evening meal. So that meant we had to go to the market. What an adventure!!! There were so many people and lots of vendors selling their fresh fruits and vegetables. We bought 8 fresh pineapples for juice, brown bananas for banana bread (that she let me make).

Then we went to Walmart. We had so much fun! One of the ladies Mariela, is very forgetful (and a little crazy too of course we got along great!) and it was so funny chasing her around the store with the shopping cart. I laughed and told her that I would stay with Sylvia because she wasn’t crazy. Then we had lunch at the restaurants inside Walmart. I had Pizza Hut, yes Pizza Hut & Walmart (not like ours!!) in Costa Rica.

We went back to Mariela’s house and cooked all afternoon. I had so much fun and I really got to get to know their hearts.

I think I was a encouragement to them. I’m so glad I came. I can sense that The Lord is using me. Yesterday I spent a lot of time talking with another preachers wife about starting a monthly food program.