Update On Our New Mobile

Update On Our New Mobile 2/7/2013

You have probably already heard about this wonderful addition to our ministry- the mobile kitchen. This 32′ long, fully enclosed kitchen was donated for our use in disasters and homeless ministry.

It had set unused for a few months prior to its arrival here in Alabama so there was a little bit of work to do. When we get it fully operational, we will be able to serve hundreds of meals to needy people.

This will be a huge help. Especially when you consider that at our last disaster response in Staten Island, NY we had to cook outside in the snow beside a giant pile of rubbish!

So far we have:

  • Replaced all six tires with brand new ones. (Special thanks to Victory Baptist Church in Fort Valley, GA)
  • Completely redone the roof. (Special thanks to Kenny Brown)
  • Secured all appliances for travel
  • Replaced lights
  • Reinforced the ceiling with steel tubing

Here’s a picture of the inside.

inside trailer

As you can see, there is a nice three compartment sink along with a hand washing sink and a vegetable sink just like you would find in a restaurant.

We have never had a good place to “do the dishes” at disaster’s before so this will be a life saver just for that.

We want to share with you the remaining things that need to be done before it will be fully functional in the field. Please help us pray for the funds (and labor help) to finish this up ASAP.

  • Finish plumbing the sinks Finished 2-9-13!!
  • Purchase and install generator ($1,100-$1,400)
  • Purchase and install water pump ($150)
  • Brace hood vent on roof
  • Purchase new fire extinguisher ($100)
  • Lettering with UI decals

Thank you to everyone who has helped us on this project so far. We are blessed to have such faithful and engaged donors!