No More Wondering by Travis Sharpe

At this time last year, I was filled with the anticipation of the unknown. We were gearing up for our big trip to the Philippines and there were a million questions rolling around in my head.

I wondered if we would be successful. I wondered how this new partnership we were forming with the Filipino’s would pan out. There were also lots of questions about our family living overseas for an extended period of time. We all wondered how we would fare. Would we get home sick after the first month? Would the excitement wear off causing us to second guess our decision to stay for so long? Would we fit in?

These are just a few of the questions we had. There were plenty more. Like where would we live? When we got on the airplane in January, we still didn’t have our housing nailed down. All of those unknowns were soon revealed and what happened over the following five months was one of the most exciting times of our lives.

No more wondering 

Now, here we are a year later getting ready to start our Fall Fundraising Campaign again the first of October. Today, all of those questions have been answered. All of the unknowns are now known. And let me tell you what, the Lord far exceeded anything that we ever thought. More was accomplished in those first five months than I would have ever believed could have been.

A brand new ministry was established. New leaders and workers were trained and put in place. Several souls were saved. Children were rescued from the city streets and much, much more!

In just one month we will kick off the fundraising campaign and I don’t have to wonder what the money will be used for. I don’t have to “hope” things will come to fruition. I know what the needs are and I know what will be done.

I guess you could say that last year we were a little unsure but this year we are very confident. We’re not confident in ourselves, but we are very confident in the Lord and what he wants us to continue doing in our ministry. Last year we wondered who would work with us. This year we have families depending on us for their livelihood because they are now employed by our ministry.

The mystery has been taken away and what was once hidden is now understood.

Digging in

Last year was kind of unique because we had the momentum and excitement of our very first international ministry plant. It was fun and exciting and our family and friends rallied with and behind us to make it all happen. Have I mentioned how thankful we are for that?

Anything new is exciting. Anything unknown and mysterious is exciting. What sometimes isn’t so exciting is the middle part. The “digging in” and working hard to see things through part.

Last year our goal for the Fall Fundraising Campaign was $25,000. God blessed and that goal was exceeded before the campaign was even over! This year our goal is $35,000. We need to raise this money in order to continue feeding, clothing, teaching and preaching to the precious young lives that we now minister to each and every week.

In other words, it’s time to dig in and continue to make a difference. We have begun well, now we need to finish well. We have established a great ministry, now it’s our duty to see it through.

What about you?

I agree that it’s more exciting on the front end when things are new and fresh and there is the mystery of it all. I myself like to explore. My son and I got some kayaks a while back and that’s been one of the coolest things we have ever done for our fishing. Now we can explore all those little creeks and river that were inaccessible to us before.

There’s something magical about having the ability to launch away from the shore and experience what was previously out of reach. But I learned that even though we have the new kayaks, we still have to work hard at fishing if we want to be successful. The kayaks, (the new thing), might get us to a place we have never been, but it still takes digging in and doing the hard work to catch the fish.

The fact of the matter is that we will all have new and exciting times in our lives but we will have more times when God is asking us to be faithful and continue.

Right now I’m in the be faithful and continue stage as far as our ministry goes. And I believe this time is actually more important than the other times because this is where the real ministry happens. This is where lives are changed and kids are rescued and families are put back together again.

What about you? Have you started something? Have you begun to do something great for God? Are you now in the middle part where it takes lots of patience, hard work and dedication? If so, now is the time to see it through. Now is the time to recommit and work hard so that one day you will hear “well done thou good and faithful servant.”

We can still be excited

I think one key to continuing is to become excited about wherever you are on your journey. Those new times might be exciting by default but the hard work times can be exciting on purpose! I’m purposing in my heart to work hard, pray hard, try my best and watch as God does what I cannot do.

I know that if God helped us to exceed our goal last year, he can do it again this year. And I for one am really looking forward to seeing how he does it. I’m getting excited about all the letters I will write and the calls I will make. I’m excited to hear the testimonies of God laying on people’s heart to give and be a part of helping others come to know Christ as their Savior.

In other words, I am excited on purpose. I have determined to enjoy every single part of the journey the Lord has laid out before me. We simply don’t have to look at tomorrow and dread it. We can wake up in the morning knowing that God has a plan for our lives and we can be excited about fulfilling that plan.

I’d like to hear from you

If you have something that God has started in your life I’d like to hear about it. I’d like to hear what you are doing to stay motivated and excited about your journey. Send me an email or leave a comment and we’ll pray for each other as we strive to give glory to God and help others along the way.
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