Why Churches Don’t Really Minister by Travis Sharpe

Ministry not only starts with us, it must continue with us. That is, we must invest our very selves into the ministry that God has given us.

Do you realize that your church doesn’t do any ministry? Not without you, and the other members it doesn’t. Because the church is made up of individuals through whom God works, ministries are dependent upon individuals.

Before we can do anything collectively, (the local church), we must decide to do things individually. When we do our individual ministries together, united with one main goal in mind, then the local church is ministering collectively.

But how exactly does that happen? Where does the money come from?

People invest!

They tithe. They give extra to missions. They give extra special offerings.


It’s personal

Now I’m really going to mess up your thinking. Most people who are making great headway in ministry, are doing the giving I just described; and more.

If you only knew how many bus captains and drivers used their own money to fill the tank each week you would be amazed.

If we knew just how many toys, diapers, bottles, and other items that dedicated nursery workers bought on their own we would be amazed.

Maybe it is a staff meeting and one of the staff members brings dinner for everyone. They went out and bought it. They made the meeting better. They invested!

How about the pastor who spends hundreds of his own dollars every single month visiting people in the hospital because the church doesn’t have it to pay him?

Are you noticing a pattern here? Truly committed people will follow their passion for ministry and they will invest their own time, energy, and money.

They sacrifice. They do without. They dream. They build.

What is the outcome? Ministry.

And you thought it all just happened! No. It happens because people who are called of God to do something, don’t separate their personal lives from their Christian lives. (See Galatians 2:20)

They are heavily invested. They care deeply. They make a difference.

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Question: How have you personally invested in a ministry? Let us hear about it in the comments below, it might just encourage someone else to give more of themselves!