Year-To-Date in Cullman, AL by Travis Sharpe

Every week we receive calls at our office here in Cullman, Alabama from people who are desperate for help. Some of them have housing and are looking for assistance with food or clothing or utilities. Others are homeless and seeking a safe place to lay their head. The needs are many.

So far this year, we have been contacted by twenty seven people who were actually homeless right here in Cullman County Alabama. Most of those are residents of Cullman or have some sort of history or family here in town. Others have called who are not homeless but are in need.

Here’s how we have helped some of the people who were unsheltered.

  • A single lady was placed in a motel for two nights.
  • A single mom with three children was placed in a motel for two nights and given food.
  • A single male was given food, shower, clothing and a ride to the mission in Huntsville. He also got saved.
  • A deaf man who had spent the night in some bushes was bought a bus ticket and reunited with family.
  • A homeless couple was given a camper trailer so that they would have a safe place to live.
  • A single male was given clothes, a shower, food, and we helped him get his birth certificate and state ID.
  • An older male was given a bus ticket to a shelter where a bed was waiting.
  • $1,055 worth of goods and services were given to the others not mentioned above.

Our dream to have a tiny-home village here in Cullman is a real need. The young man who got saved in my office on a Friday, wanted to come to church with me that Sunday and make a public profession of his faith. The problem is that he had already spent two nights outside and it was rainy and cold, making it an extremely unsafe situation for him. The tiny-home village would have been a real answer.

The homeless couple who we gave the camper to could also benefit from the village. It would be safer for them and they could be surrounded by people and learn how to interact again. I could go on and on about the possibilities but you get he point.

That’s why we are praying for God’s provision and asking him to supply us with the land needed to build this village. I know that the village we dream of will not be an answer for everyone we encounter because homelessness is a very complex issue. It will however, be the answer for some, and we are concerned about them!

Read all about our tiny-home dream here.

As you probably already know, we are having our annual share-a-thon style fundraiser this Thursday evening from 6-10pm EST. It will be broadcast live on the Unsheltered International Facebook page and our goal is to raise $100,000. I wish all of that could go toward the tiny-home project, but the fact is that we have to maintain the other great programs of Unsheltered also. But if we meet, or even exceed the goal, we will be able to put some toward this dream!

Please pray with us, watch Thursday evening, and recruit others to watch and donate as well. Let’s find out together what God will do as we are faithful to serve him and serve those in need.