Homeless Ministry

Our ministry to the homeless is multi-faceted and includes working directly with the homeless, helping new ministries get started, and assisting churches in reaching the homeless population in their own cities.

Our President, Travis Sharpe has been working among the homeless since 1995. He successfully started a bus route and Sunday school class that reached thousands of people from 1995-2000. In 2001 he along with the help of Victory Baptist Church, started the Garden City Rescue Mission in Augusta, GA.

Travis brings his years of ministry experience into all facets of our ministry.

Our Homeless Relations Director, Tim Barbee, knows what it’s like to actually be homeless. Tim spent four years on the streets and has battled addictions as well.

Having been clean and sober for several years now, Tim brings a first hand knowledge of homelessness into our work.

Some things we do are:

  • Conduct resource clinics in various cities and states. These clinics connect the homeless with valuable resources and present the gospel message. Read all about these events here.
  • Host a resource line that homeless people can call toll-free to get help
  • Visit camp sites and conduct wellness checks
  • Conduct area assessments to provide churches with a comprehensive outlook into the homeless situation  in their local area
  • Consult with churches, missions, and individuals helping them with ministry strategies and tactics