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Volunteer at a Resource Clinic                                                     

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Resource clinics are one day events that we do in conjunction with churches to minister to the homeless in a particular city. During aresource clinic we serve meals, cut hair, make resumes, help people apply for a copy of their birth certificate, and much more.

We are in need of barbers, doctors, nurses and optometrists. You would travel to the resource clinic destination and help by offering your services during the event free of charge to the needy.

Click Here to learn about our Resource Clinics and even watch a video of one in action!

Volunteer to Visit and Encourage


Homeless camps are seemingly everywhere. People are sleeping in tents out in the woods, in cars, under bridges, and many other areas as well. We visit these places on a regular basis bringing hope into hopeless situations.

It is always an adventure as you never know what you will find or who you will meet! As we visit, we are making contact with people so that they know who we are and what help we can offer. We also are looking for opportunities to win people to Christ, the greatest hope of all!

Volunteer to fundraise


Yes, it takes a lot of money to continue reaching more people and respond to disasters. And we need your help!

Volunteers can organize their own fundraisers in their own towns and have a blast raising funds for Unsheltered International. One man simply requested extra brochures and began passing them out to family, friends, and co-workers.

Others have given up their birthday. Instead of receiving presents, they asked for donations in their honor to be given to the ministry. Another lady made candles and donated the proceeds for our mission trips.

What’s your idea? Have you ever thought that God could use you in a major way to impact the world? Click here to contact us today and tell us what you have in mind! 

Get Involved!