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A detailed update about the village project

Today's update is a detailed look into the progress and next steps for the village project. We have made some great strides in the past few weeks and we have some things in the works for the coming weeks so let's jump into the details.

As of a week and a half ago, all of the land clearing is complete. This was a major accomplishment for us and we are so happy that it's now done. The wet weather presented a challenge, but our equipment operator did what it took to make it happen. We are now in the process of burning everything and cleaning up the cleared areas. We will have to wait to pickup and burn in the wettest areas but that's okay because it's an area that is not in the phase one road system anyway.

This week we have been in contact with the electric company and it's now time to put in the electrical work order to get that ball rolling. In order for that to happen we have to have a new 911 address. I put in for that yesterday and they should have it done next week. Then, we can proceed with the work order through the electric company. That work order will cause their engineers to begin the process of approving our electrical plans and give us the exact details about how the power will be brought onto the property.

One thing to help us pray about as far as the power goes is the availability of some needed components. We have been informed that the large, outdoor power distribution panels we need could take as long as eleven months to get. It's basically a supply issue like we had a year ago with automotive computer chips. Please pray that it won't take this long.

While all of that is in the works, the next steps are to build the road system, do the grading that is needed, then set our office in place and begin finishing it out. At that time, we will be able to begin to get the first homes brought in and begin to work on finishing them out on the inside.

It's a waiting game for the road building and grading work because of the wet weather. It is simply too wet and muddy for the equipment to access the places to work. It's also too wet to cut the topsoil off and truck in the red dirt that's needed to build the road beds. We need a few weeks of dry weather and sunshine. Here's a look at how wet it is in an area that we have to build a road through.

The good news is that God has PERFECT timing and we know that what we see as delays, he just sees as the right time. When we think he is late, he's really right on time! Our entire team is working toward the goal of completing phase one of this awesome project. We are so thankful and grateful for everyone who is helping to make it happen.

Coming up

Don't forget, this coming Thursday, March 9th is our annual live benefit broadcast. We will be live on our Facebook page with several of our team members talking about every aspect of our ministry.

This is a share-a-thon style broadcast and we have a goal to raise $150k by the end of the night. We are currently at just over $50k in pledges that have already been made! You can visit this page on our website if you would like to go ahead and give your gift for next week's event.

Again, thank you for your prayers and support. We appreciate it.

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