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New ministry and a new minister

Several weeks ago, brother Tim Klein began working with us in the emergency services portion of our ministry. He has a huge heart that is full of compassion and it is already making a difference in our day-to-day ministry to people in need.

One of the first things that God put on Tim's heart was a food pantry. We have always provided food to people as part of our emergency services, however it has been hit or miss depending on what we happened to have in our warehouse. God put it on Tim's heart to start a pantry and do ongoing food collections so that we always have the ability to feed the hungry people who are sent our way.

The first thing he did was to gather some volunteers and build a few shelves. That one step of faith seemed to open a floodgate. Just about a week after they built the shelves, a local pastor called us looking for help with a gentleman who was homeless. The church had gotten involved, but needed a little guidance on the best ways to move forward. I put Tim on the case.

There are a lot of details in between, but because of the combined efforts of the church, and our ministry, the gentleman is now living in a home and attending church. The pastor of the church was impressed with the compassion and quick response of brother Tim to help and when he found out about the new food pantry, he had a solution. He connected us with an outlet and five pallets of free food to get things going! He even provided the truck and trailer to haul it.

This past Sunday, Tim joined them in the Sunday morning service and took part in the baptism of the gentleman who they had helped. Oh yeah, another man that Tim has been working with joined them in the service that morning and God is working in his life also.

We are excited for this new ministry opportunity, but most of all we are grateful that God has sent Tim to use his gifts and talents through the ministry of Unsheltered. Please be much in prayer for him as he is working with people daily and doing his best to make a difference.

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