Tiny Home Village


The Village @ Unsheltered International

A tiny-home community being built in Cullman, AL


9-2-20 Update- We want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who generously gave over $66,000 in only 14 days. We have a contract on this 17 acre tract of land and should be able to close by the third week of September. The money that was donated will cover the purchase, survey and closing costs. We are raising additional funds for the completion of phase 1.

Phase I Details and Steps

Purchase land

We have a contract on 17 acres of land and should close by the third week of September.

Infrastructure work

We will create a master site plan that takes into consideration all phases of the complete project. Then, build out the infrastructure and utilities with that in mind. The complete infrastructure doesn’t have to be developed at this phase but depending on cost of doing certain portions all at one time, we may build some of it out during phase I.

Infrastructure work that needs to be completed:

  • Clear the land removing most pines and saving most hardwoods
  • Digging the stumps and clearing underbrush
  • Topographical survey
  • Master site plan- A master site plan is needed so that we can maximize the space on our property. The services of a civil engineer will be needed here.
  • Entrances, roads, etc.
  • Build a shop- We will need to erect a shop to support the building operations and long-term care and maintenance of the Village. This will be a metal building with concrete floor and in the 40’x60′ size range.

Building the homes

The homes will be 14×40 (approximate size) locally made portable buildings. One of those will be used as an office/supervisors lodging. That home will be converted into housing after the completion of phase II. The other three homes will be used as housing during phase I. These homes will have a complete bath and kitchen and will be finished out on the inside with a cottage type feel. They will be very nice and suitable for single people or a small family.

We are praying for local volunteers and also mission teams to come help with finishing the inside of the homes, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, etc.

Phase I operations

The three homes in this first phase will be used as needed. With these larger, full bath and kitchen houses, we can house families, mothers with children, or singles. Phase one will be a time of learning and understanding how to operate the village. The specifics about our program will be developed during this phase as we learn and grow into the operation of the village. These first three homes can be used as emergency housing or longer-term housing. We will adjust the usage depending upon the needs.

I am counting on one of the residents becoming a “host” for the village. They will be the person to keep an eye on things during the evenings and when staff or volunteers are not around. We will also install a camera system that can be monitored off site 24/7 to help with supervision of the village.

Phase I costs

We expect the completion of phase I (not including the land purchase) to cost between $150,000-$200,000. We are working hard to accurately estimate these expenses and will update as we get new information and estimates.


As this project continues, volunteers will be needed for various aspects of the construction. Listed below are some of the areas we will be seeking volunteers to fill.

  • Cutting trees and digging stumps
  • Heavy equipment work building roads and moving dirt
  • Site prep work
  • Engineering
  • Septic system installation
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Painters
  • Finish carpenters
  • Landscaping

If you feel led to help in one of these areas, please email Travis at info@unsheltered.org.



  • When will the first homes be built? We will bring the first homes in after the infrastructure work is completed. We cannot start on the homes until we can safely have access to the property with the proper roads, electrical, and other infrastructure being in place.
  • When will the village open? As far as a time frame, we are unsure at this point. It will depend upon the completion of the infrastructure work and the availability of funding for the project.
  • How will the development be funded? The development of the village will be funded through private donations. We don’t anticipate accepting government funding. Private grants through foundations and workplaces are always welcome.
  • Why the village concept and not a homeless shelter? We believe that the concept of a village will better serve our guests by adding more dignity to their lives. In the village setting, we will be able to tailor the program to the needs of each individual. The village will provide community, semi-independent living, and personal responsibility. All of these are necessary for transitioning back into functioning society and we believe the village will give a head start for the guests.
  • Why is it being built out in the country and not in the city? We want to build a private, peaceful, environment where our guests can focus on putting their lives back together. This quiet, country setting will provide that atmosphere. In addition, there are far less building codes in the county, giving us more freedom and cost effectiveness as we design the village.
  • How will you determine who can stay there? We are in the process of developing our programs now. That will be determined as we draw closer to an opening date.
  • How long can a guest stay? This will also be determined as we draw closer to opening, however, the idea is to tailor each guests length of stay to their individual needs.


Details on phases II and III coming soon!



For more information about this project email Travis at info@unsheltered.org. If you would like to donate to this project click here.