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Our ministry to the homeless is multi-faceted and includes working directly with the homeless, helping new ministries get started, and assisting churches in reaching the homeless population in their own cities.

Our President, Dr. Travis Sharpe has been working among the homeless since 1995. He successfully started a bus route and Sunday school class that reached thousands of people from 1995-2000. In 2001 he along with the help of Victory Baptist Church, started the Garden City Rescue Mission in Augusta, GA.

Travis brings his years of ministry experience into all facets of our ministry.


Tiny Home Village

Next steps for the tiny-home village:

*We need to get some equipment in and start clearing out underbrush and small trees.

*Create a master site plan for the entire property with the help of an engineer with all of our end goals in mind.

*Begin the infrastructure work of building roads, bringing in power,etc.

*Erect a metal building for a shop to house tools, building materials, etc.

*Build the first four homes. They will probably be pre-manufactured buildings. We will need volunteers and teams to help finish out the plumbing, electrical, and  all inside work.


That is the basics of phase one. It’s a BIG project and we have been planning for months now. This place is going to have a state park type vibe and our desire is to build it top notch. We want the precious people who will come here for lodging to be overwhelmed with the goodness of God. We desire to add dignity to their lives by providing them a fresh start in a beautiful, serine environment where they can focus on putting God first in their lives.

It’s not a quick project. (Although God did provide over $65,000 in only 14 days!) I’m of the persuasion that something worth doing is worth doing right. We’re not going to give them junk, this place will be AWESOME!!! Thank you to everyone who has already given. We love and appreciate you all.


To see the complete Tiny Home Village plan visit the web page here.

To make a donation towards this project click here.


Services we offer in Cullman, AL

Our headquarters is right here in Cullman, AL and we are glad to offer the following services to our local community:

  • Prayer and counseling– Mondays from 9-1 or by appointment during the week.
  • Showers– Mondays from 9-1 or by appointment during the week. Showers are provided at our warehouse.
  • Clothing– Mondays from 9-1 or by appointment during the week. Clothing is provided at our warehouse.
  • Snack bags– Mondays from 9-1 or by appointment during the week.
  • Hygiene– Mondays from 9-1 or by appointment during the week.
  • Winter needs such as blankets, coats, etc. – Mondays from 9-1 or by appointment during the week.

We can also meet people anywhere in Cullman County to do an assessment of their needs and introduce our ministry to them. Most of the time we can bring immediate needs such as snack bags, blankets, etc.

For help, please call our main office at 256-737-0112, ext. 180.

Unsheltered International warehouse
479 County Road 827
Cullman, AL 35057

Please note: 

  • All appointments depend upon availability of our volunteers.
  • We do not provide motel stays.
  • No appointment needed on Mondays, just show up at our warehouse.

Ministry Helps

We assist local churches in all areas of ministering to the homeless. We have helped start new outreach ministries, consulted with shelters and missions, trained workers and much more. Most of these things are done by Travis Sharpe. He readily shares what he has learned from many years of homeless ministry in the United States.

Searching in the woods for camps in Chattanooga, TN

Above: Travis leads a church group through the woods in Chattanooga, TN to learn how to interact with the homeless.

Mission Conferences

Travis Sharpe has an extensive preaching ministry across the United States. One of his favorite things to do is missions conferences. Travis brings Biblical principles to life through stories of his stateside and international missions experience.


Above: Travis Sharpe speaking to a group about missions


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