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We are happy to offer these free resources to you to assist you in ministering to people in need. It is our prayer that the Ebooks, lesson plans and various blog posts will be a blessing to you and those you serve.



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This step-by-step guide is for anyone who want to help the homeless. In this free ebook, you will learn:

  • How to approach a homeless person (what to say)

  • How to determine if what the ask for is really what they need

  • How to have a plan of action before the need arises

  • The difference between barriers and behaviors

  • Why connecting people to your church is so important

And much, much more.




This one-year lesson plan was specifically designed to be used in the Bible study portion of our meal centers in the Philippines. Now available to you in a free downloadable ebook format, it is being used in many churches, children’s ministries and outreach ministries.


  • Simple, easy to follow lessons for children

  • Each month has only one subject, with five lessons about that subject

  • Each lesson has an illustrated, color picture

  • Each lesson has three application questions

  • There is a monthly memory verse on each lesson and a full page version for each month

  • Each lesson is written in a “readable” format (they can be read word-for-word)

  • Additional Bible verses are included for each subject to aid the teacher

  • A first aid guide is included (especially helpful where the lessons are being used in developing nation conditions)

  • Several fun children’s songs are included

USA version does not include the songs or first aid guide

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