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2023 Thanksgiving Outreach

Thanksgiving 2023 was a great success! On Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, the entire Unsheltered staff, dozens of volunteers, and a host of guests, enjoyed a time of fellowship with a great meal, singing and preaching.

Savannah did a fantastic job planning this annual event and we were blessed with all the help we had for the evening. Once again, our friends Hannah and Jackson Chambers, owners of The Street Kitchen, prepared the delicious meal. It was turkey, dressing, and all the sides. Some of the volunteers served, while others simply sat with, and got to know the many guests who were present. We put a high priority on that part, good Christian fellowship is so needed!

As the meal was winding down, Steven Payne, Tim Klein, and Tim Barbee all gave their testimony about how God has been good to them and saved them out of a life of disobedience. Each testimony was heartfelt and brought glory to God.

Next, Sarah shared a wonderful song entitled Broken Into Beautiful. It was a perfect song for the evening, and of course, she knocked it out of the park! After that, Travis shared a message entitled “A three chapter story.” It was a great message that presented the gospel in a clear and unique way. Several people came forward for prayer during the invitation while Sarah sang once more.

We are already making plans for next year and we are so thankful for the many people who made this Thanksgiving fellowship possible!

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