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How the Lord is working in our overseas ministry

God is always at work. He is blessing people, healing brokenness, raising up the poor, and so much more. But I believe the main thing that God wants to do is work through his children to spread the good news of his salvation to all the world. He is calling the lost to himself. He is doing the most important work in the hearts of people who, without him, would have no hope for eternity. I'm certainly glad he worked that way in my life!

Each week we see how the Lord is using our team in the Philippines to do this very thing. Just a couple weeks ago during the Christmas celebrations in one of our meal centers, fifteen parents received Christ as their Savior when Pastor Jezer preached the gospel to them.

Down in Mindanao, the southernmost large island, our partners used some medicine we sent them as an opportunity to share Christ. The medicine itself was a help and a blessing to the dozens of people who received it for sure, but the message of the cross was more important. Chelra, pastor Remada's 15-year old daughter, was able to share Christ with a man who came to their home asking for medicine. He not only received the medical help he was seeking, but he also received salvation that day.

In another area, a remote place outside of LaCastellana, children are learning about the Lord through our meal center ministry. Every week, they participate in the Bible studies, fun songs, and meal time. The point is that even the youngest children who attend and hearing the gospel and learning what it's all about! That foundation is extremely important as they grow older and come to the age where they can understand enough to make a decision to follow Christ. In the picture below, one of our sweet young ladies who helps in the meal centers stopped to share some hot soup.

We are certainly thankful of the hard work put in each week by all of our ministry partners. They go above and beyond to love and care for people of all ages and people with all sorts of needs. Please keep them in your prayers as they continue to serve and make a difference for Christ!

P.S. Our live fundraiser is only a few weeks away. Please join us in prayer for this important event!

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