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Important Date for Pastors and Churches

Each year, our ministry is responsible for helping hundreds and hundreds of people who are homeless or otherwise in great need. It's a great privilege to be called upon to do the work of the Lord among those who are hurting, vulnerable, sick, and wandering. The biggest responsibility is making sure they hear the gospel.

Last year, we saw 343 salvations, served 30,013 meals, and helped 6 families move off the streets and into housing. We praise God for those awesome results. The generosity of our supporting churches makes all of this happen and we couldn't do it without you.

We are humbly asking that your church consider partnering with us on February 26th by receiving a special love offering. This offering will help us continue to minister to the most needy for the next year.

We have prepared bulletin inserts, flyers, images for your screens, and social media images if you would like to use them. All of these can be easily downloaded on our website or we can mail them to you. To download the images or see more, go to www.unsheltered/livebenefit.

If you feel led to participate, just respond to this email to let us know, email me directly at, or call our office at 256-615-6024.

Thank you so much!



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