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Ministry Update 2-26-21

Today's ministry update is all about the Village project and where we are at this point. To say the least, God has been blessing in a big way.

Earlier this week April and I went and met with the manufacturer who is going to be building our tiny homes. (We will purchase the unfinished homes from them and then utilize volunteers to complete everything on the inside.) We talked about sizes and designs, color schemes and materials and much more.

The visit gave us a lot of good information and we were also able to get an updated quote for the first four buildings that we plan to order. With the lumber price increase that we have seen in the past few months, our new quote is $12,995 per building. We are projecting that each home, including purchase price, will cost about $42,000.

I was able to speak with the engineer who is designing our site plan last week and get an update on his progress. He is hoping to have us a first draft any day now. As soon as we get this first draft, we will be able to sit down and really see what the possibilities are for the property.

One question that many have asked is how many homes we are planning to build. I wish I knew! Those are some of the details that are completely dependent upon what the 17 acre property will allow with the wetlands and other challenges. I am really excited to see that first draft.

Next steps

The purchase is complete on the half acre lot with the old church building and we are starting to do a little work there already. Tomorrow we will be fixing the plumbing in the bathrooms and we have been moving junk out already this week. The building needs cleaning and new soffits and facia boards all the way around. New windows are needed also. This building will be our maintenance shop and I would like to add a 30x30 addition onto it. That would give us all the maintenance room we would need for the next little while.

After that, we will be looking to move the new office building on site and get it all set up and functional. There will be many needs for this such as building the pad, building steps and a porch, plumbing, etc.

After the shop is ready, and the office is up, more infrastructure work will be done and then it will be time for the houses! Of course, there will be unknowns and variables just like with any development project but we think this will be the progression of the work.

Thank you for praying and asking God to lead us and guide us through this awesome project!

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