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Ministry Update 6-27-2023

This week, we are in the Philippines with the Unsheltered Philippines team bringing help and hope to hundreds of people.

Also with us is a group of sixteen people from Temple Baptist Church in Cullman, AL. This mission team is serving alongside us in the street ministry, rescue center ministry, and a special medical clinic.

The medical clinic is especially helpful because many of the people we are seeing cannot afford to go to the doctor or to purchase the medication they desperately need.

Prior to seeing the doctor, the team has an opportunity to sit down with everyone and share the gospel message.

Several people have already made spiritual decisions. Even one of the managers at the hotel where we are staying received the Lord as her Savior!

We have another couple days so please pray that the Lord will continue to bless our efforts and that the people we are ministering to would have open hearts as we share the gospel with them.

Thank you,


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