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Ministry Update 6-8-21

It’s a busy week for us here in Cullman! We are blessed to have a great volunteer work team with us from Landmark Baptist Church in Shelby, NC.

These men and women have come to help us with one of the first big projects for our tiny home village- remodeling an old building and transforming it into a maintenance facility. When completed, this building will serve as the construction support and maintenance support facility for our village.

Work began yesterday with demolition. The took out the ceiling, doors, several walls, and more. The building was old and basically needed to be gutted. Today through Friday the team will be working hard to put it all back together. There will be a new roof, workbenches, all new electrical, and more.

We are also adding a 30×36 addition onto the back of the existing building to give us more space. Please pray with us for good weather so the team can work uninterrupted while they are here. Another prayer request is for the materials we need to come in. There seems to be a shortage on roofing metal and we are currently waiting on ours to arrive.

Thank you so much for your generosity and prayers as we continue to work for the Lord and help people with no other hope.

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