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Ministry update 7-9-2024

Hope you all are doing well. I have some really good updates for you concerning the tiny home village. 

First, we are thankful that the first septic system has been installed and grass is growing now where the field lines were installed. 

Last week we also were able to spread a bunch of rock on the parking areas which makes those areas about 95% complete. We also poured the footers for our office and finally were able to obtain the last engineer stamp for the office plans that was needed!

We will be able to move our modular office on site and set it up in about three weeks when the concrete footers are fully cured. This was a big step for us and we are thankful that it’s done!

As you know, the first house was delivered a couple weeks ago, and the second one is being built. Both of these homes will need to be finished on the inside. 

What we need now

Here are the next steps and their approximate costs. As of this week, we have used all of our available funds for the village, so we are praying and waiting upon the Lord for these next steps. 

  1. Move the modular office on site and have it set up. $7000-$8000

  2. Remodeling of the new office. We are going to build offices,  new bathrooms, new flooring, roof, underpinning, AC, etc. we are hoping to be able to accomplish this for $40,000. 

  3. Install the second septic system. This second system will serve the first homes. $25,000-$30,000

  4. Install the main water lines. $2,500-$3,500

  5. Build the laundry and storm shelter. $50,000-$75,000

  6. Install the electrical lines. This cost is unknown because we are waiting on figures from our electric co-op. 

  7. Install the main gate. $10,000

There are many other smaller expenses, but these are the larger ones we will need to accomplish prior to opening. 

Dinner and auction 

Please be much in prayer for our upcoming steak dinner and auction that will be held this Friday at Stonebridge Farms here in Cullman. This is one of our two big opportunities during the year to help fund our annual budget. 

We need to raise $35,000 at this event to be able to hit our anticipated budget number for the general budget. If the Lord blesses us over that amount, we can apply it to other areas of need such as the village project. 

Thank you

I appreciate your prayers and support as we are doing our best to serve the Lord by serving the less fortunate. Thank you for being the answer to the prayers of so many people!



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