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Save the Date!

It has always hurt my heart to know there are people out there who have no safe place to sleep, insufficient food to eat, and worst of all, are battling depression because of their situation. Even more heartbreaking than all that, is the fact that so many people in this situation are also lost spiritually. Because these things touch my heart, I work hard each day to make a difference in every life I can.

I want to invite you to join me in making a difference this year by giving help and hope to the unsheltered. Our live benefit is right around the corner, and we are asking God to use his people to provide $150,000 to help fund our ministry for our upcoming fiscal year which begins on March 1st.

During the live benefit we will be showing all the great things we do to help people throughout the year. It's going to be an awesome time! Will you help us reach our goal by making a generous contribution? We would like to raise at least $100,000 before the night of the live benefit. Anything you give between now and then, will be counted toward this goal. Then, on the night of the event itself, we will all pray for the remaining amount of $50,000. God can do it!

All the details are on our website, but feel free to reach out to me personally through our office (256-615-6024), or via email ( with any questions. Thank you for praying for us and supporting us with your generosity!

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